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Acid Cold Infusion Reviews [view details]

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"UMM good"
Try one, another good one from Drew Estate.
TK in SC July 4, 2010
"Nice smoke"
ANother good cigar by DE. However I enjoyed the cigar as it is a mild flavor cigar. The taste though was different thus I only have it an 80. This is purely my personal opinion. It is a good cigar with a mild taste.
Scott in Indiana March 21, 2010
"Sweet. mild, just right!"
I've only had three of these so far, and a few Blondies and Kuba Kubas from the ACID line. This is now my favorite. I love the sweet flavor and it goes great with a nice Islay single malt like Caol Ila or Ardbeg, and also with a dram of Talisker. I like this cigar so much I just ordered a box of 24.
Neal in Texas January 1, 2010
"See it, buy it."
First thing i noticed was the wrapper was very sweet. Upon lighting, this cigar actually tasted like tea. Very impressed. very cool smoke all the way through, smoked this cigar all the way down to the nub, relit, and kept smoking til it got hot. Great flavor all the way through, not overpowering at all, just right.
Sean in Florida November 22, 2009
Best cigar I have ever had. The smell and flavor can be a bit much for people who dont like dense, sweet smoke but I love it! Mild cigar but robust still in a different way than any cigar ive had. Defintely a keepper.
David in Wisconsin October 26, 2009
"This is a true must smoke from Acid!"
Just finished having one a few hours ago, and all I can say about it was "WOW! That was just amazing!" This is really a cigar that you can sit down and enjoy, the taste is breathtaking! It looks great, has a very nice and steady burn to it, great ash, and the GREAT quality that I have come to expect from Acid when I sit down to enjoy one of their fine cigars.
John in New Jersey July 9, 2009
3 of these bought last year. I toasted one of them last summer and another today. It didn't get any better 9 months in the box. Too tight! The wrapper is so thin that it disintegrated as I attempted to draw. I digg an occasional Blondie, but these? No, thanx. Try a CAO Moontrance instead. THAT is one decent, well constructed, infused stogie.
Swanny in Plainwell, Michigan April 11, 2009
DICK B. in FAYETTEVILLE, TX. March 14, 2009
"Delicious tasting, excellent smoke."
Great cigar, smooth drag, great taste!
Jon in San Jose, CA March 11, 2009
ATTENTION, DO NOT BUY THIS CIGAR, IT IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY. DO NOT GIVE ANYMORE MONEY TO THIS CIGAR COMPANY THAT CONTINUES TO PUT OUT THIS HORRIBLE PRODUCT. I got this cigar in a build your own sampler feature (which is a great idea). When it came in it was quite possibly the worst cigar I have ever seen. The construction was horrific, i could actually bend it almost half an inch without it breaking. The smell was a little nauseating. It was a combination of popaurie and disgustingly sweet scents. I can't even get over how sweet it was. When I held it to my nose I actually got a horrible feeling in the back of my throat, and I hadn't lit it up at that point. I took two puffs, and then disgustingly stomped it out. The only reason I even lit it was to see if my opinion changed once it was actually smoking. Just an awful cigar. The only people who will like this cigar are women or new cigar smokers who wouldn't know the difference between a Ghurka and a Swisher Sweet.
Johno in March 1, 2009
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