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Acid Cold Infusion Reviews [view details]

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"Not for everybody"
This cigar greets the smoker with an overpowering scent of cloves, followed by the taste of a tip dipped in syrup. The smoke is very smoothe but any presence of quality tobaccos is cloaked by the infused flavors. If a change of pace is what you're looking for, this would definitely qualify.
Jerome in Gulf Coast February 15, 2009
One of the best smokes from Acid i love all of the Acid cigars. i would recommend this to any first time smoker for a nice light after dinner smoke.
Austin in La Grande Oregon January 28, 2009
"Easy Smoking and Enjoyable"
I really enjoyed the cigar from start to finish has a very nice peachy and resin to it. The sweetness rubs off the cigar onto your fingers. The only complaint that I have is when I took the wrapper off the cigar it tore a little bit of the cigar wrapper.
Benjamin in Idaho December 31, 2008
"Great Cigar"
Have not been smoking for very long but I have found my cigar of choice in Acid Cigars!!!!!!
Sean in Ohio August 22, 2008
"Acid Cold Infusion Tea, Lovely from start to end."
A tasty infused treat. The apperance of the cigar is almost royal with almost no imperfections. As a lonsdale they are an approximately 30 minute smoke. The smell pre lit is very aromatic (its an acid) with hints of pine and a sweet aroma. They burn pretty evenly with a white ash that reaches 1 too 1.5 inches in length. the cigar is mild but after 3/4 of the smoke it gets spicy. They are enjoyable all the way through, and if you appreciate an infused cigar or simply want to try something new, buy a box ASAP.
John Doe in IC July 27, 2008
"a whole lot of great flavor"
acid you are the geatest.
barry in westchester il. June 1, 2008
"Swisher Sweets are a better deal"
I lit this cigar up on my deck and since it's not an overly cheap cigar i expected a lot more out of it than what it had to give. To me it tasted a lot like a swisher sweet with a better draw. The flavor was very sweet and the burn was very fast. This cigar's performance was way under par, and as for acid in general; i will not be smoking anything from this company anytime soon.
Steve Phillips in Clarkston May 28, 2008
"This is a must have cigar."
Acid cigars never let you down.
Barry Pagano in Il May 10, 2008
"super terrific smoke"
I cannot get enough these Magnificent cigars by DREW ESTATE.
barry in westchester il. April 1, 2008
"Cold Infusion Rocks"
This Acid Cigar is Top Notch....One of the best in the Acid Line..
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq March 31, 2008
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