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"good except"
So far i have smoked all but three and have to say absolutely love Acid. from now on i a going to keep Nasty and Toast in my humidor they were sweet on the lips and full of flavor great for first timers. unfortunately there is one cigar i will not ever own again, and that is Ming Natural. I thought it was going to be the best cigar of the bunch and was sadly mistaken. It had no flavor at all burned uneven and started to smoke hot about 30 min in. But besides that i love Acid if you get this you will love Acid to...
jordan in florida March 17, 2013
Halfway through and they all taste the same.
Michael Pratti in So. Cal March 9, 2013
"A Great Acid Intro"
I've never been a big fan of flavored cigars. However, a friend gave me an Atom Maduro recently, and I was very pleasantly surprised. So surprised, in fact, that I decided to try some of their others. This collection is a terrific way to sample a full range of Acid's ware. Some are (to me, anyway) excessively over-flavored. But I found that I really enjoy the Kuba Kuba, One, Toast, and Infusion. Bottom line: this is definitely worth trying!
Flack in Tucker, GA October 16, 2012
"DO NOT pass up!"
Absolutely best bang-for-buck Acid. Pass on the C-notes, though; they're far too thin and don't keep lit. Other than that, these are all excellent smokes, and get even better after a few days in the humidor.
Ian in Florida July 27, 2012
"Must Try!!"
Amazing sampler, amazing price. Lots of winners no fillers, and it turned me on to other cigars in the Acid line. So all in all, mission complete.
R. J. in East Stroudsburg, PA May 17, 2012
"Acid Collector Tin"
If you enjoy Acid cigars this is a MUST have. I enjoy each one except C-Note. I usually buy to tins at a time. You cannot go wrong with this sampler.
David L. in New York New York January 18, 2012
"Great gift"
I was given one of theese for Christmas and I was very pleased.Theese cigars are all high quality and smooth as a hot knife through butter. Great gift for cigar lovers and newcomers alike.
Big Nick in Baton Rouge January 17, 2012
"Not bad..."
It is a great opportunity to try more then one Cigar. I so have have had the Nasty, which all I can say is different. The Ming is a huge cigar, but more traditional. The Kuba of course is awesome. The C-notes are these small little like time out cigars.. So if you have smoked a couple of ACIDS before give this a chance..
Squatch in Alpharetta June 12, 2011
"Great Opportunity."
I have always liked this sampler because it gives you a great variety of ACID's to sample. I stocked up and got 4 tins at the great offer. Although I buy boxes of my favorites Satori and Kuba Kuba Deluxe I still like to roll through the different flavors infused in this selection. I even enjoy it after I am done smoking them just to soak up the flavor. Others may try, but no one matches the ACIDs.
Cigar Frog in Nor Cal September 7, 2010
"Love the ACID's"
I have tried a large number of ACID cigars but there were some that had eluded my local shops.The ACID tin sampler took care of this in short order.I was able to buy one her at FAMOUS for less than 30 bucks,half of what most other sites are asking.I was so impressed that I bought 3 more of the tins.It would seem that I just beat the clock as I see the price has returned to 50 bucks as of today.I know these smokes are not for everyone,but they are always in my humi.
Jim in Lewistown,Pa. August 31, 2010
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