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"Blondies are the best"
i like the blondies the best, they taste and smell good, the guy who said they were ok and the rest is bad is just a hater. I like the Acid Brand
Chris in Spring Hill Fl August 28, 2010
"Just stick to the real acid..."
The Blondie was OK, as was the Tea Fushion, but the rest were horrible. They were falling apart as I smoked them, they tasted very bad, and the wrappers stuck to my fingers. An overal bad smoke; definetly not worth the money. However, the tin is very handy for storing better cigars!
Joey C in New York September 6, 2009
Should have read the reviews first. Great idea for a cigar, but not my preference (tasty botanicals/oils = garbage)... The smell nearly contaminated my humidor! Luckily I transferred them into another box before any damage was done. (Trying to give these away at the moment). WARNING: If your idea of a great cigar is candy flavored smoke, you'll absolutely love these. However, if you prefer more of the cuban variety SAVE YOUR MONEY.
KZ in Honolulu March 25, 2009
"Acid Cigars are frickin' sweet!"
Excellent sampler! Would recommend to anyone! Yummy!
Jon in San Jose, CA March 11, 2009
"I never thought I be glad to say Im hooked on ACID"
Great selection of Cigars, I recommend to try the ACID sampler.
Parkin in Atlanta Ga February 19, 2009
"Warning: Acid Samplers = Trojan Horse"
Acid Samplers represent an excellent value, but we warned: They usually lead to serial re-ordering of *more* Acid cigars! You'll likely discover some wonderful cigars once you try the sampler. I found myself falling for some cigars I've passed on in the past.
BigDave in Michigan February 8, 2009
"selection of perfect taste and aroma"
Perfect selection of BOLD taste and aroma, but not surprised as they are ACID!!!!
James in Texas January 10, 2009
"great sampler - nice tin"
I tried this tin of cigars a while back after only one previous experience with an acid cigar. Excellent smoke. I wish I could afford to smoke Acids all the time, excellent flavor, smooth attracting aroma. The little C notes are a big smoke for thier size.
mike in nm January 7, 2009
"Great tasting cigars!"
I liked them so much I am ordering another.
Thomas in Livingston, TX December 23, 2008
"What a fantastic collection of Acid Cigars"
After smoking a Kuba Kuba, I wanted to try more of the Acid selection, but didn't want to depend on somebody else's opinion or pay the premium price for a single cigar. So I ordered this sampler. This tin has cigars that I normally wouldn't buy on their own without having tried one first. There wasn't a single cigar that I didn't like...even the C-Notes! Well I haven't been able to decide on one box that I would like to purchase yet, so guess what...I just ordered two more of these Collector Tins. I mean really...the selection and value is THAT GOOD!
Walter in Rhode Island December 17, 2008
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