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"Great Cigars, Purists may disagree"
Drew Estate's Acid cigars are incredibly different and unique. Not everyone will enjoy them, but for those who give them a shot, I am confident they will find a smoke they will more than enjoy within the Acid lineup. The best advice I can give from the few I've experienced to someone who hasn't had an Acid cigar yet is simply the following. If you expect "incense sticks or potpourri", that is what you'll get, if you are expecting something new and entirely different from your run-of-the-mill premium stick, that is what you'll get. Enjoy!
Daniel Ocean in Indiana October 28, 2008
"Acids are the Bomb!!"
Acid cigars are now my primary smoke. I love the Kuba Kuba!! The only thing I would like to see though,is the availability of the Ming, now that is an awesome cigar!!!
Daryl in Mount Vernon, NY October 4, 2008
"MING... it's a nice, mild stick"
After letting the sticks from the sampler sit in my humi for over a month at 71rh, at 75deg., the ming is a smooth, mild, and lightly spiced stick. It is a shame you can't get these in 5pk, or 5PF deals. as these sticks are a nice change up stick every now and then. I rated it as an 8.5 avg. because it has somewhat of an wrapper issue. The wrapper is delicate and can tear easily if not handled carefully. other than that, this stick would have gotten about a 9.0-9.2 rating from me as it was a pleasant and well constructed and flavourful stick. the draw is really nice. so if you want to try something different and you like flavoured cigars.. give these guys a try....
D. Tennant in winter haven September 12, 2008
"Get hooked on ACID!!!! Best taste of a cigar!!!"
Get hooked on ACID!!! the enfused flavor is awesome!!
Murf in Indiana August 29, 2008
"Best Sampler for the money"
Every cigar in this sampler was perfect, Acid makes an unbeatable product!!!
Justin L. in Alaska August 17, 2008
"try this tin"
I bought this sampler to see what all the fuss was about. I did not think i was going to like a flavored smoke. but after smoking most of the tin l bought sevrel boxes of my favorites. This is a great smoke. Maybe not a all the time cigar. But if you like a super tast experince, Acid is well worth owening.
Doug in new jersey August 4, 2008
"Find one you like, buy a box"
After smoking the contents of his tin I must say that Nastys, C-notes and Kuba Kuba are great cigars. The rest are ok tasting in my opinion, but as always, your taste will probably be different to mine. Get one of these tins at this great price, smoke them and buy a box of your favourite. Still wish they sold them in the UK, but then they'd sell for some ridiculous price probably!
Cider glider in Wales July 25, 2008
"Anything Drew Estate natural/flavored is a must"
If its drew estate, any flavor, any natural..... Acids, isla's, java etc should be in your humidor along with some natural ones. Drew estate knows what they are doing and produces everything at greatness
Brian M in Tx June 8, 2008
Not a cigar for the more natural flavored goers, but definately not something to miss out on either way. I love Acid cigars!
Eddie in Texas May 3, 2008
"Awesome Cigars"
This sample pack comes in a great price. Take the sale price and divide that by the 14 cigars you get to try out - that's a good deal. The sample time includes a wide range of Acid cigars, all excellent cigars. <br><br> Tastes vary, some people like the sweet cigars, and some don't. Most of the cigars in the tin are sugar tipped, so when you wet the wrapper to cut or take your first puff you're going to get a blast of sweet. After that things smooth out and you get a nice smoke. <br><br> If you've never tried an acid cigar before I'd recommend against buying this pack. Go out to a store and smell the tobacco that's used as packing around the cigar. The rejected filler and cut ends are used as packing around the cigars. You can get a really good idea of what you'll be smoking from that. For your first cigar try an Atom Maduro or a Kuba Kuba - these are great cigars with a little more body. If you want something lighter, than go for a Cold Infusion Tea. <br><br> If you live in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Indiana check out a Drew Estates tasting at your local cigar shop, the rep for this area is the greatest!
Matt in Chicago April 12, 2008
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