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"It is like a bigger ring gauge Blondie"
The flavor is very much like a Acid Blondie Belicoso with a looser draw and of course longer burn time. It takes a little more work to get lit with the loose draw and large size but nothing I d ding it for. I ll keep one in the humidor!
Shawnz in Peoria, AZ February 22, 2015
"My favorite cigar..."
Hands down my favorite cigar. If you prefer your cigars big and sweet with a loose draw like I do, you will love this one. It burns consistently well. I find my cigar smoking buddies either love it or hate it, depending on whether they like their cigars sweet or not. Other cigars I like are the Blondie Bellicoso, the Tabac Especiale Robusto, the 1400cc, the Kuba Kuba, the Java Latte and Java Maduro, and the Dirt Torpedo. If you like any of these, give the Deep dish a try, you won t be disappointed.
Zelda in Millstone Twp., NJ December 7, 2013
"WHAT? It's good, these review are unreal?"
One reviewer states it tastes like a Kuba, but recommends you buy other Blue line cigars.... OK? Explain that one to me please..... Almost all the blues taste similar.... Other reviewer(s) complain about it being sweet.... OK? Acids are SWEET, all are, some more than others, expect it or smoke another type of cigar. No this does NOT TASTE LIKE A SWISHER SWEET IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY. More reviewer(s) complain about cutting it, punching it, yes you can punch it, if you know how to punch properly you'll have no issues. With the cutter... OF COURSE if you're using a cutter that maxes out at 50RG you're going to have issues, I cut mine with a 60RG cutter with NO ISSUES, was just a bit careful with it, but I got a perfect cut. Okay all the review aside that bothered me, but at least these review weren't the usual complaining about it an Acid being just what it's intended to be, comparing them to potpourri (99.9% of them can't spell potpourri to begin with) and I have never in my life smelled a potpourri that smelled like an acid. I only had one of these so I can't really rate the consistency, but my burn was a little off at one point, however this is an oddly shaped smoke so I don't fault it for that. It had a fantastic draw and flavor throughout. It was sweet in the beginning, very sweet actually, I understand where the sweet complaints are coming from, but it soon faded into a balanced Acidy flavor less than an inch in. They're good, I don't know where these wacky complaints are coming from. It is what it is, and you know that going into it. It's a large oddly shaped acid blue, and it delivers exactly what you can imagine that delivering...
Anon Cigar Smoker in North America September 20, 2013
What the hell did I order? Awful flavor!! Sweet and Unappealing.
RIch in Bristow August 21, 2013
"Sickeningly Sweet"
Has to be the worst yet from Acid. The taste is so sweet it robs you of the great Acid flavors. Not easy to smoke a square cigar that size either. Will not try again and I advise you to save your money to spend on another of Acids great cigars.
Alan Compton in Aiken, SC November 4, 2012
I don't know how it gets a 91. Very sweet like candy
Sal in Yonkers NY June 4, 2012
"don't waste your time"
This was a great dissapointment. First, it is overly mild, with a very one note flavor. Unfortunately, that flavor is most like a swisher sweet. Not cool for a cigar of its price. Second, the build is very loose, which makes for a draw without substance and the flaky ash others have noted. This seems to be for people who do not like cigars , and want something trendy to smoke on the golf course.
john in indiana February 11, 2011
Liked the flavors, aromas of the cigar more than the actual smoke. Maintains these after the light. Clean, nice draw and smoke, quick burn, terrible flaky ash.For me, only the 2nd half was a worthwile smoke and by then I was completely bored with it.
Damon in The Bronx November 8, 2010
"best acid cigar"
This is the best acid cigar ever!!! Believe me guys this cigar taste, smells and draws like you won't believe... and all you have to do is learn to use a punch and not a cutter and you just found a cigar for your humidor.
Mike in Oakland CA November 5, 2010
"Learn how to use a punch"
Someone needs to teach people how to use a punch. I have smoked HUNDREDS of deep dish with 1 punch in the center. give me a break on the FEEL too! Go smoke some white owls.
Baltimore Shawn in Baltimore MD February 12, 2009
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