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"Great taste for the first half, then it fades"
I really like Acid cigars, but this one does not finish well. It's very tasty through the first half, but then it tends to get a little bitter. The strange this is that is doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes the flavor just fades. If you like the Acid brand, try the Atom Maduros.
Dan in Long Beach January 24, 2009
"Like smoking a good cigar, with cloves."
This cigar is a great smoke and strong. It has notes of clove and cinnamon. Draw was good. This is one of the strongest cigars in the ACID line. Went perfect with a cup of chai tea.
Tommy B. in Paradise January 19, 2009
"Different done right"
My new favorite cigar. Smooth, full and the perfect size to really taste it and enjoy it.
Eric in Upstate NY January 11, 2009
"My favorite"
I have been a fan of this cigar for some time, it's sweet, and smooth. Once I got one that was too fresh and it was to strong, however other than that single incident they are great. If your looking for a change, or want to try something way off the normal beaten path, this flavor cigar is the best to try.
Hunter in Indiana August 13, 2007
"Great taste, bad draw"
I had never tried tried a "flavored" cigar until I recieved a box as a gift from a famliy member. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality of this cigar. It was strong, yet not overpowering, and still had what I would look for in a good smoke. I thought that I had either gotten a badly rolled cigar or had recieved a box that was overly humid because the draw was incredibly difficult and unless it was smoked at a constant rate, the cigar would go out. I honestly had to pull with a lot of force to get a full mouth of smoke, and found this to be true with every cigar I lit up ( I am now 1/2 way through the box). This may just be a bad box, but I would have rated this cigar higher if it wasn't for the draw issue.
Brian Fetterman in Colorado August 9, 2006
"Nice Change"
I wasn't a huge fan of flavored cigars, not for any other reason than I hadn't smoked many. My Dad sent me a box of Earthiness last week and MAN were they good.....the 1st one was a bit overpowering, but a truer taste comes once you get accustomed to them. I'd buy them myself!
Fetterman in Colorado June 12, 2006
One of my favorites of the Acid line. Smooth all the way down to the nub. As with the Acid line very distinguished aroma yet fairly srtonger in flavor. Great prelude leading you to the Kuba Kuba my favorite of the entire line.
Diego in Easton,PA May 12, 2006
"Inconsistent taste...."
I've had a few of the Earthiness n the past 2 months, some which I enjoyed very much, some less so. Very smoooth draw and a quick burn, stays lit well. Flavor is sometimes harsh, usually depending on the taste I already have in my mouth from food or drink.
Michael S in Chicago White Sox!!! October 28, 2005
"Acid Cigars: Smoke's all the same"
I have smoked the Acid Nasty, Earthiness, and Krush cigars. They all taste the same. Same smell, same flavor. Save your money and buy a tin of the Krush, and don't bother with the other cigars. Nastys are not bad, but I imagine that the other cigars taste the same and cost more.
Metalbass in Detroit April 28, 2005
"Earthiness - what does it all mean?"
Just had my first Acid Earthiness on the way to work, and boy does my car smell great! Another reviewer compared smoking ACID cigars to smoking a stick of incense. It's a fair comparison. The burn and draw were excellent. The flavor, I'm assuming, must be an acquired taste. It brought back memories of grandpa's pipe. Acid's are certainly worth trying, but I'd highly recommend sampling a single before you splurge on an entire box.
Anderbudd in Willimantic, CT March 4, 2005
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10 Appearance (87) 100
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10 Taste (93) 100
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10 Construction (90) 100
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