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Acid Extra Ordinary Larry Reviews [view details]

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"2 Hour Power House!"
Excellent cigar! Pre light aroma was intense...very floral and spicy. No trouble with lighting or with the burn. Sweetness on the lips. The cigar starts off with intense floral flavors and is slightly harsh...but not to worry. After about the first 1/2" the cigar calms down and reveals a smooth sweetness but still retains a wonderful natural tobacco flavor even through the infused flavors. Hints of rose, sweet spice, and at times hints of coco. Toward the middle the cigar reveals a oily taste that I enjoy but may be too intense for some. The construction was great, draw was light and easy, and the burn as smooth and sharp. I suggest smoking this one slow and cool. No double puffing...take slow, long draws. You'll be able to get 2 hours out of this cigar.
NCB33 in Houston December 15, 2009
"Probably better for traditional smokers...."
I loved the Kuba Kuba and I'm anxiously awaiting a box of 1400cc's. I also tried The Extra Ordinary Larry and it was very good but the tobacco seemed much more flavorful than the Kubas and while it was noticeable that this is a flavored cigar, the famous ACID flavorings are far more subtle (and seem to be in a losing competition to the wrapper). If you tried the Kubas and thought they were overpowering (as some reviews state) this might be a good choice for you if you want to give ACIDs another try (outstanding construction and draw). If you're not willing, then I HIGHLY recommend the Naturals by DE which are INCREDIBLE and are a must-try for everyone in my opinion.
Jeff in Overseas July 5, 2009
I knew this cigar was large, but it really hit home when I finally had it in my hands. It had a very nice construction and even burn. The flavor this cigar had was intriguing. The only way I can discribe it is that it evolved. Normally, cigars tend to build flavor as they go through, but this one added note upon note as I smoked it. I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar and am definitely going to have to get more.
Eli in Morris, Minnesota March 24, 2009
"Big and beautiful, among the best from Acid..."
I received one in a sampler and was blown away with its sheer size, as I usually don't venture any larger than a 54 ring size. Once lit, the EO Larry delivered with an excellent, almost effortlesss draw and perfect burn. It's an incredibly smooth cigar. The EO Larry is now easily one of my favorite Acid cigars.
BigDave in Michigan February 8, 2009
"great cigar"
one of the best will purchase again
clarence in December 3, 2008
"EO Larry will always be in my humidor."
A truely excellent smoke. Everything about this Cigar (size, construction, taste) is a pleasure.
Stevo in Connecticut May 14, 2008
"Larry = Great"
This cigar is well rounded, it dang near has everything Id ever want in a cigar, I took this one out side in a nice chair and enjoyed it Here are some of the points#1) The draw was great, easy and the flavor of the cigar was of a true mellow cigar unlike most acids it is not sweet. It had a great smell as well #2) I think the mark of a well made cigar is how the ash sits, this cigar did not change in appearance even when their was 3 inches of ash at the end, the cigar was so well made it did not fall off and even out side in a light breeze it burned extremely even #3) It lasted for about four hours and it never went out that was outstanding. I do wish Acid had mixed a few of their sweet tobaccos in the middle if just not for a quick and mild surprise but that's my wish, and this is still a highly rated cigar in my opinion.
Hunter in Indiana April 22, 2008
"The name says it all"
This cigar is just that ORDINARY!!!! It is not near as bad as the Acid Ming...But still its not very good..Their are better acid cigars to choose from..
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq April 2, 2008
"Sit back and relax!"
This is a big boy, so make sure you have plenty of time on your hands...I'd say about an hour and a half. This cigar really showcases the aromatics' effect on the flavor and overall Acid experiance. Breathing in slightly through the nose while pulling on the cigar allows you to really pick up the botanical and spice aromatics and enhances the flavor of the smoke. The tip of this cigar isn't dipped in a sweet solution like some of the other Acids but the smoke itself has a very pleasant sweet spice to it. Don't be in a hurry to smoke it, take some time in between puffs or it will get a little bitter on you. Sit back and relax, this smoke will be pleasurable from start to finish!
Joey in Phoenix July 18, 2007
"Great Smoke"
Overall this was a great smoke, I just had my first one last night and enjoyed for an hour and a half. Has great draw smoked evenly and very aromatic. I would recommend to anyone.
Jeff in California June 12, 2007
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