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Acid Extra Ordinary Larry Reviews [view details]

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"Big Cigar..Big Taste"
I gave this cigar all tens!! Great taste and if you like big cigars this is just about as good as it gets. The construction is very sound and I like to drive on trips savoring before lighting!!
BigStanUp in Tennessee November 26, 2013
"An Anti-Acid, Acid..."
An Acid cigar without training wheels...no sweet, sugary flavors, just a remarkably smooth, surprisingly mild (considering the looks of the wrapper) flavor, which does hint of chocolate influences...the first couple of puffs were exceptionally surprising, in an exceptionally good way...kind of caught me off guard...I saved the second half of this stogie to enjoy at a later date...if you ever get tired of the sweetly-infused Acids try one of these...a pleasant surprise.
in September 9, 2013
"Nicely Done"
I wanted to see what acid cigars were all about so I took a chance and bought the sampler tin. Come to find out I'm not partial to flavored cigars and especially sweetened wrappers. However the Extra Ordinary Larry was great and the Nasty was ok. I think the infusion really works with this cigar because of the large ring gauge and no added sugars on the cap. Tons of smoothed smoke and good burning characteristics plus NATURAL maduro sweetness. I would buy more of these if only they weren't so pricy.
gTiso in San Diego August 19, 2013
"A very pleasant surprise indeed!"
This will be my go to when I want a BIG gauge cigar. Cut my EOL and did a cold draw slightly tight, but nothing to fight with and the first thing I noticed was no sweet wrapper. I love Acids for among other things, the sweet wrappers, and the last one I found without a sweet wrapper ended up being the worst cigar I've smoked. When I lit it up however, I was happily surprised by the taste. Pick up a purple banded acid, and expect floral. Not your wife's vase, but nice full and light flavor on the palate. This guy is a real joy to look at. Everyone loves a fat ring gauge, and the Maduro wrapper is oily, and beautiful. I'm not a big fan of pigtails myself, and you'll find one on either end, but construction was great. You definitely are going to need some time smoking this puppy, but you won't regret a moment of it. Check this one out if you like acid's aroma, but not the sweet wrappers.
Vin M. in Denver, CO May 26, 2013
"Smooth taste and a nice aroma"
No bitter after taste. Very well constructed . Nice pleasant aroma . Far superior to the KUBA KUBA. Acid seems to have kept the tradition of a smooth and easy draw. The burn on this is good very even!!!! Not an everyday cigar but its a pleasant smoke!! Well constructed and ill recommend .
Danny K in Chicago IL January 30, 2013
"Slap Ya Momma Good!"
Probably my favorite cigar of all time.
Benjamin Hudson in Ocean Springs, MS January 18, 2013
"All the best acid flavor without the sweet tip"
This is my go to smoke for a special occasion! Outstanding aromatic with traditional fine cigar flavor and feel. An "It doesn't get any better than this" smoke.
Chilidog in Houston July 12, 2012
"Very good smoke"
Really like this cigar.
Larry in South Bend May 20, 2012
"Another hit by Acid"
Great burn, good clean draw. lasted about 1.5 hours and had great flavor to the end
Matt in St. Paul November 6, 2011
"Larry, you are a favorite."
This cigar sits in a special spot in my cigar fancies. A perfect blend of what I like so much about the Acid brand. Enough Fullness and taste to keep me happy through the whole smoke. When my local shop gets a 'fresh' shipment in I can't skip them. (This shop is hit or miss, stale, old, dry, or freshly rolled. Go figure) If you are starting to experience Acid cigars, this should be involved in your first taste test. The name doesn't lie, this cigar is Extraordinary.
Jon in Philly March 1, 2010
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