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Acid G-Fresh Reviews

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Acid G-Fresh Blondie Black
Perfect blend of aroma, taste, and consistency! Bravo!
Steve in Thornville, Ohio June 19, 2014
Acid G-Fresh Blondie Bold
The regular Blondie is my go-to cigar and I was excited to buy the Blondie Bold. The cigar was very well constructed and smelled wonderful when I opened the wrapper. Once I started smoking it had a very nice sweet taste but after the first inch or so it went away. I was left with a strong tobacco flavor that was otherwise unentertaining. It went out about halfway through so I relit and I wish I hadn t. The rest of the smoke was the same boring tobacco flavor only now it had a bitter after taste. I want to buy another and keep it in the humidor for a while just to see if I got a dud but otherwise I was let down, which isn t something I expected from Drew Estate.
Kyle in Georgia March 5, 2014
Acid G-Fresh Blondie Bold
"Outstanding...Simply Outstanding"
This is one powerful little cigar. Rich and full bodied, intensely flavorful. It reminds me of a miniature Kuba Kuba.
Matt in Wisconsin February 1, 2014
Acid G-Fresh Blondie Black
"This Blondie sets the tone."
Get ready for a mixture of chocolate, caramel and coffee all rolled into one. This is a tasty little cigar. Kind of like a Dirt, only better.
Matt Sanders in Wisconsin January 30, 2014
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