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Acid Krush 4 Tin Assortment Reviews [view details]

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"Try them"
Wrote this just due to the few bad reviews. if you re a traditional cigar smoker acid may not be for you, all acid cigars are sweet, purple the most kinda tasting like a deep sweet grape/purple drink flavor, red is earthy and robust, gold is the standard if you will and has a bold sweet herbal/botanical/tobacco taste that is like none other, blue is sweet and i'm kinda musky but not bad. They are all GREAT if you understand they are cigarillos, all acid cigars are cured with botanicals giving them a VERY unique smell you usually know an acid cigar when you smell it they smell amazing and far outclass other Sweet cigarillos you must 1. be okay or even like the idea of a better made sweet cigar and 2. be okay with the herbally goodness that makes an acid cigar and acid cigar, if you pass both of those you will prob love them, if you don't you will prob hate them bottom line:nothing else out there like an acid cigar due to the herbs/botanical in the curing if you re okay with trying a very sweet and powerfully flavored cigar get them...personally I love them
matt in ma January 13, 2014
"Cool, Refreshing Flavor"
I've been smoking the Krush selection for some years now and really enjoy the lightness and mellow quality tobacco, along with the infusions in these. They are a good size for an hour walk and burn well, stay lit but not burning too fast and always taste and smell very subtle with the Drew Estates brands high quality wrappers and fillers. So yes, if you are a medium body smoker who enjoys a balanced and well considered flavor that brings to mind mesquite and sages, this is a enjoyable grouping.
Barba in seattle April 17, 2011
"Awesome !!!"
My friends and I all Loved these. The assortment and flavor was awesome
Jeff in Napa , CA December 8, 2010
About the nastiest cigarillo I ever smoked. The perfume flavor and smell are stomach churning. Smoked one of each and the rest went in the garbage.
Jeff D in Columbia, SC January 16, 2009
Complete waste of money. Smells like rancid clove cigarettes out of the tin. The Maduro Morado made me feel like I was trying to suck a golfball through a hose. The Blue Connecticut was smokeable and had a pretty decent draw but still suffered from the overly perfumy smell that really did make me reminisce of the days at Grandma's house like others have stated (it's really no joke, I didn't believe it at first but now I do.) One last gripe, the band on the cigarillos had a tendency to come off along with the wrapper! Methinks they were a bit overzealous with the glue...
David in Atlanta March 7, 2008
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