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"Way Too Sweet"
Upon putting your lips to the wrapper you re assaulted by an artificial strawberry like flavor, combine that with awkward aftertaste and you have a sweet/dirty taste in your mouth that will never mix well. I enjoy most of the Acid cigarillo selections but this is terrible.
Lewis in CT December 5, 2013
If you are a true cigar smoker, stay away from these. NASTY. Clip a flower and roll it up and and smoke it. That's what it tasted like. Had to stop the car to throw it away. NASTY !!!
Paul S. in Norman, OK March 8, 2013
"Very Sweet"
Very sweey on the lips and draw. Has a mild sweey after taste, good burn, quick smoke. Not very good with coffee, probably a DP or Rootbeer. I won't be buying anymore.
j'mo in Missouri September 15, 2012
"Awesome quick cigar to satisfy"
The below reviews are a waste of this websites time, they dont know how to really smoke a cigar andappreciate the workmanship to develop a cigar to fit the need of an individual, dont like it? then dont smoke a cigar, is what I say...........
Jeff in Texas September 3, 2012
"Good for a cigarillo"
For a $2 cigarillo, it's pretty damn good. Got the taste and body of something full size but has the speed of a Swisher. Good flavor, definitely NOT full body. I've smoked milds with more body than this. This isn't a power house. Good 10 minute smoke. Very, very, VERY sweet tip. Tobacco is also very sweet, but the tip is very sweet. Personally, I like it, I think it adds a nice contrast to the slightly spicy blend in the cigar, but I can see how some people wouldn't like it. I think it's a tasty contrast. Good burn, slightly tight draw on one, but others I've had were perfect. Overall a very nice cigarillo.
Ben in New York March 18, 2012
"Fullness is Favorite"
I want to feel like I am smoking something. With these Acid cigars in a small package I taste and enjoy the fullness of my favorite Acids in a quicker smoke. Red Krush is by far my favorite. The right blend of spice wholeness and overall earthiness. If your Acid opinion lies in the red side of things, why wouldn't you try these cigars? I am enjoying one now!
Jon in Philly March 1, 2010
"gotta luv it!"
Used to enjoy blue connecticut, but red cameroon is the best!
the birdman in california November 24, 2009
delicious little cigar for that little hankerin you got, fairly standard, but extremely consistant .... THANKS DREW ESTATE for the ACID connection!
Tom in Port Wash. September 24, 2008
"Beware of Acid Krush"
I have bought a tin of Acid Krush Red Cameroon & Gold Sumatra. As i like cigarillos i decided to try it. There is only one conclusion. The only thing to do with this cigar is to put it in a glass box under the title - Break only in case of Emergency. If (I don't think it will happen but) I'll be in a situation to break the box and smoke another ACID I'll stop smoking forever. Better to smoke a vanilla stick and eat sugar.
Gershon in Israel August 18, 2008
"Definitely has bite!"
It's definitely a full bodied smoke in a small package. A lot of smoke from a little cigar too. I was impressed. Tip is sweet, but it will grab your tongue. Maybe a little to full bodied for me. But it's OK every once and a while.
Charles in Atlanta April 15, 2008
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