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Acid Krush Connecticut (10) Reviews [view details]

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"Great Smoke!!!"
Drew Estate really hit the nail on the head with the Krush Classic series. A great short smoke filled with new flavors that never disappoint. I highly recommend this to anyone introducing someone to cigars for the first time. Almost any of the Acid cigars I think make a great starter cigar. Anyone who finds themselves in situations where a quick smoke is needed these come at a great price and never fail!
Carl in Ann Arbor, MI April 23, 2008
"Great small smokes"
Great little sticks of flavor, good draw, excellent all around and a great deal. I've tried almost all cigarellos, acids hail on top for me.
J.Venne in Spfld, MA March 16, 2008
"Way Too Addictive!!!"
Delicious and they don't stink up the house. Sweeet!
Cary Farr in Vegas Baby! March 15, 2008
Like others say"not bad" clovey though.GOTTA GET USE TO THEM AT FIRST.GOOD FOR ONCE A WEEK OR SO.
mike in hawaii March 15, 2008
"Hooked from day one"
I've tried the Camaroon's and the Connecticut's, and I've been hooked on Acid's and any of Drew Estates cigars that I can find....
Doug Shepard in TX August 1, 2006
"Nice, smooth, flavorful smoke!"
At first I was a little cautious about trying a herbal infused flavored cigar, being mostly used to full flavored brands. But a friend of mine had said that these were unlike anything I would ever try, boasting that the taste and aroma were remarkable regardless of style chosen. So I bought some of the Krush Connecticut and now I have a seperate humidor with nothing but Acid, because they are my top pick. Everyone should at least try this cigar, it's wonderful but not for everyone. It's also very different, unlike any other flavored smoke you've had. But the taste, aroma, and burn are so smooth and light that even non-cigar smokers would probably take a few puffs. Thank's Drew Estate!
Allen in Kentucky March 14, 2006
"Acid Kuba Kuba - great change of pace"
I was reading the reviews and had to chip in. I first tried Acids in a sampler having been leary of ordering. Now I am hooked! I love the smells and flavors and will be a Kuba Kuba regular. I am a Romeo and Julietta aficianado but I like these for a flavorful change of pace.
Dave Stewart in Lewisville NC September 3, 2004
"Very enjoyable change of pace"
Ok, as mentioned ACID is not for everyone. But it definitely delivers a little change of pace. Somewhat clove-oriented, sweet and slow burning this little puppy can be a sugar substitute for your coffee. Naturaly too much of a good thing can also prove to be very annyoing so, don't go crazy. One a time should be enough, otherwize you feel like you have had too much Ice cream or cookies. Looking forward to trying the test of the KRUSH.
Boian in Houston, TX August 26, 2004
This is a really good smoke, especially for a beginning smoker like myself. Excellent draw, ash and taste! So far, I have been really impressed with the Acid line.
Chris in TX. August 17, 2004
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10 Construction (88) 100
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