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Acid Krush Sumatra (10) Reviews [view details]

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"Mild and Fulfilling"
They have a traditional taste, not sweet but a mild flavor that is smooth and consistent. The aftertaste is decent, not harsh or overpowering. A nice mild cigar for any occasion.
Lewis in CT December 5, 2013
"Tasty :)"
I like these, they taste good, and smoke well! MUCH better than a C-Note and if I had to complain about one thing itd be the sweet tip. It could be over the top if you dont like that :)
Nathan in Florida February 28, 2013
"Very nice, will be buying some tins"
I've had this and the Red Cameroon. I prefer the Sumatra. It had almost a lemon flavor on the draw, and the sweet tip contrasted the tobacco flavor very well. A nice smoke. I like the sweet tip, but as I've said in my review of the Cameroon Krush, I can see how it can put some people off. Not full body at all. Mild-medium at the strongest, but not full, no way.
Ben in New York March 18, 2012
"Very nice, strong, and small cigar"
This company was no nonsense- ordered and got the cigars quickly. Very fresh cigars, no problems!
Peter in Novato, CA August 25, 2011
"Better than cheap"
A nice cigarillo. A bit on the sweet side. Has a bit of a clove taste. What I'd imagine swisher sweets would taste like if they were higher quality.
in February 18, 2011
"Excellent flavor, a little rough on the finish."
These are a decent cigar. I generally prefer cigarillos and am rarely disappointed by acids. These have a distinctive coffee foretaste and aroma, with a touch of vanilla added by the sweetened head. One of the finest burning cigarillos you can find, stark white ash that will continue forever until you tap it off! It is a little rough on the finish, giving a slightly sour aftertaste. All in all, not a bad smoke, if a little spendy.
Rain in Moscow, ID, USA February 1, 2011
"By far the best cigarillo of the bunch"
It is hard to find such good quality tobaccos in this small format. Drew Estates has hit a home run with the bases loaded!!! I get more joy out of these little flavored cigars than many more expensive brands and 9 out of 10 my friends that I share them with really appreciate the flavor and the ladies always comment on the exotic aroma. If your looking for the same great smoke in a larger format try the Kuba Kuba!
Joel in Sacramento, CA June 3, 2009
"I dont have one"
This one has an after taste like crab meat. Seriously!!
Bubby in Texas December 21, 2008
"like smoking a vanila air freshener"
like smoking a vanila air freshener - too sweat.
Simcha in Israel September 20, 2008
"you won't be disappointed"
The Krush Classic Gold Sumatra or Blue Connecticut are my favorite "every day" cigars. Overall quality is great, I rarely get a poorly made one. You won't be disappointed!
Pete in MI June 23, 2008
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10 Construction (87) 100
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