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Acid Kuba Deluxe Reviews [view details]

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My friend introduced me to these cigars a while back to smoke when golfing. They were his favorite and he has tried many kinds so I went with it. They were incredible. I was hooked. I started smoking other cigars which were equally as expensive and nothing compared. Kuba, 1400, blondie. The blue bands are all amazing and I can't wait to try the kuba deluxe. I also had another friend try them and they are his favorite too. We are in out mid 20s so the arguement may be valid for younger smokers but to me they don't compare to the other cigars I've smoked, not that the others were bad. I can't say enough about these cigars, well worth the price.
Mike in Altoona, PA July 5, 2010
"kuba`s rock !!!!"
the best cigar you will ever smoke --- if you don`t like it you can go back to burning the tree limbs you prefer --- i love these cigars -- try being a man and smokin it dude
tony in new jersey February 5, 2010
"maybe just the first one?..."
i opened the box and my favorite aroma hit me rite in the face, i thought, WOW these will be even better.. wrong. from the first puff it had a terrible draw, the ash flaked off all over my favorite recliner, and i had to constantly puff on it to keep it lit, now that the bad part is over, acid is my favorite cigar brand so i dont want people reading this to get a bad impression. that was the first cigar in the box, and i havn't had any of the others yet, so maybe it was just that one, they must be good to get a 9.5/10, they still had the same great aroma/taste, just a terrible burn, personally i'm going to stick with the original robusto kuba. these didnt make a returning customer out of me, yet.
Kyle in Indiana June 26, 2009
"better then the original Acid Kuba Kuba"
Great cigar, better taste and richness. One of the best of this line. You can taste and smell a hint of Cinamin sweet smoke. The aroma of the smoke compliments the taste. Not to sweet but sweet enough excelent blend of spices all so not to over powering. doesn't take away from the natural richness of the tobacco The draw is smooth, burns consistently long lasting excelent Cigar. I recommend this to novice smokers.
Cylliah in Ca February 19, 2009
"Best of the ACID line, but a bit pricey"
A darm good infused cigar. I just wish they were a little cheaper for the box of 10. I was ordering for anther establishment from California at $20 less expensive but took forever to get to my address. So, I'll have to just hold off till trying these again.
J Molter in Richmond, Va January 8, 2009
"Not all it's cracked up to be"
I bought a Kuba Kuba after a friend told me it was a powerful smoke and well worth the money. He didn't, however, tell me it tasted like it was dipped in nutrasweet. Honestly, I don't know why these cigars are so popular. An expensive disappointment in my opinion. Sorry.
Marc in CT November 27, 2008
"One of the best ive ever smoked"
one of the best cigars ive ever smoked well worth every penny
Brandon in Pauls Valley, OK November 26, 2008
"Know what you are getting!"
The Acid Kuba Kuba is a VERY sweet cigar. Not only the smoke but they have dipped the wrapper into something sweet also, every time you lick your lips you get a thick sticky sweet residue. If you truely are looking for the sweetest of sweet this is your cigar. If you just enjoy a mild to medium sweet this is not the cigar for you. Buy a single Cigar before you buy the sampler.
JDS in Pensacola, FL August 9, 2008
"Full Flavor Cigar"
I hear all the time that these ACID cigars are worse than Swisher Sweets. They are very wrong. To fully appreciate the ACID you have to go from the blue bands and then slowly go toward the Yellow, then Purple. Red bands, enter at your own risk! I think the Kuba Kuba Deluxe is perfect to start with. A nice full flavor but still you have a cigar taste in there. Drew Estates REALLY must have done the research on getting those oils mixed correctly to produce such a fine tasting Cigar. I suggest after these, move to Cold Infusion Tea, and then Acid Atom. Aging the cigars is okay too, as with most cigars they get better when aged in a good humidor and using top quality distilled water or better a 50/50 mixture.
Lee in NYC July 10, 2008
For those of you who don't send the unsmoked ones to me!! The Kuba Kuba is not a complement to scotch whisky - get yourself a Nicaraguan maduro for that; it is perfect with coffee and tea, however. Here's a hint: put them in a humidor for a month or so and the potpourri smell fades away and leaves a most delicious stick!
Mark in Annapolis, MD March 19, 2008
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