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Acid Kuba Deluxe Reviews [view details]

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"Worth the hype!"
It was well worth the hype in my book. Tried the Kuba Kuba...bought two and I am regretting that I haven't bought a box. Very smooth draw and regardless of popular opinion, has a great taste that isn't overwhelming. Got two samplers on the way...can't wait!!!
Slimm in Indianapolis March 4, 2008
"Easily the best of the line!"
I've tried a variety of cigars, but keep returning to the ACID line. Granted, I don't like all of them, but this seems to be one of the best. The aroma pertains to the botanicals and has nothing to do with either perfume or "Nana!" They are relatively mild and have a very nice burn.
Paul Klenk in Massachusetts November 26, 2007
"We dated a couple times but I never called back"
The first time that I saw her I fell in love. We were at a bar and the lights were dim and she was amazing. I even wrote a review about how sweet and appetizing she was. When we met up again two months later for a walk in the park, I saw her in the daylight. She really was a little harsh and overbearing. I entertained her as best I could but just kept waiting for the walk to end. I don't know that I would ask her out again. If someone brought her along that would be okay as long as she wasn't my date that I was paying for. 4 out of 10 stars
Sean in Montesano, WA November 15, 2007
"Definitely Different"
I usually like mild to medium H Upmans or La Gloria CabaƱas, this Kuba Special is definitely different. Went well with a nice Tawny Port. Will keep some just for desert. They are a lot better than Kahlua's.
ugojmiller in CA February 7, 2007
I have to agree with Kevin of Chicago... but I call my Grandma "Nana". Like Kevin's experience, I was overwhelmed by the herbal perfume before I could even light the stogie up. I bought this stick not realizing it was a trendy "herbal" cigar...shame on me. Won't by another.
Rod in Hollister, CA January 8, 2007
"Are you in there Grandma?"
Well I fell for the hype and bought some Kuba Kubas and was told I was "Lucky to find them" So I took my booty home were later that night I sat,poured a scotch and put this very expensive puff in my mouth,but before I could light it,my lips told me to take my grandma's Easter perfume out of my mouth!WOW! I tried and Tried, But shit floats ,and I just could not get this thing down! I would rather eat a Philly Blunt,than smoke another one of these "Granda ma flavored cigars,PEW.
Kevin in Chicago,IL December 13, 2006
"My Favorite"
Everyone has a special cigar and mine is the Drew Estate's Kuba Kuba. Now what they did is made a special blend and size with the Deluxe Kuba Kuba. Awesome!
Bob Kucsmas in AZ July 26, 2006
I been smoking these cigars for a while and love them. I think they are the best in the ACID line. To really enjoy this cigar, have a nice med dark beer. That is heaven.
Blake in Raleigh, NC July 23, 2006
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10 Construction (93) 100
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