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Acid Kuba Kuba Reviews [view details]

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Are you freakin kidding me? One of THE BEST Cigars on the market. Great taste and great smell. One the boss, I mean wife, can tolerate
RichyRich in New Orleans February 10, 2013
This cigar is dreadful. It does NOT have an aromatic smell and / or taste. Bitter in any way possible. Smells very bad and this cigar that I had was in a humidor at the correct humidity too. I don't understand the high ratings for this cigar . Acid should discontinue this kuba kuba line but that's my opinion. On a positive note it does have a good draw and good burn
Danny in Chicago IL January 30, 2013
"Excellent %26 Aromatic!!"
I had one of these with my son-in-law at the 50th Anniversary of Breckenridge's ULLRfest... a GREAT way to celebrate the occasion, smoking one of the best tasting cigars by the bonfire!!.. This is a VERY tasty cigar, with hints of citrus and lavender... the women won't mind being around you when you smoke this one!! The draw is easy, and the burn is fairly slow... The label is very creative, and the overall appearance of this cigar is excellent... both of our cigars were tightly wrapped, and I got a three inch ash before it fell off...
Dale in San Antonio, Texas January 15, 2013
"Smell it before you smoke it."
It smelled unlike any other cigar I've had, but not to my liking, and tasted much like it smelled. It was the loosest wrapped cigar I have ever had and therefore burned terribly unevenly. Would never get again.
D. DeWitt in CT November 29, 2012
This is an excellent cigar, very sweet, long smoke, very enjoyable.
Jeff in Panama City Beach November 27, 2012
"Not Often"
I don't smoke cigars often but when I do, I smoke a Kuba Kuba
Greg in Atascadero November 17, 2012
"My favorite, remember taste is relative"
This is truly my overall favorite cigar. I laugh at those who 'claim' cheap tobacco and 'wierd' taste. Well duh, it never tries to claim to be a hardcore cigar. The 90 +/- average rating means there are a lot more out there that enjoy it than those that don't. Kuba's are a mild-medium smoke which adds a sweet flavoring and aromatic odor that is somewhat reminiscent of incense. I've found it mixes well with Long Islands as someone else noted but also Port wines and even some scotches. The subtle sweetness blended with the well rounded tobacco flavor has made this a favorite after a good steak dinner. The Kuba Madura is quite a bit sweeter than this if you like that sort of thing. I have given many friends a Kuba to try and all now include them in their average cigar shopping list.
S S in Chicago November 1, 2012
"Not Impressed At ALL"
First trip down Kuba Kuba lane and I won't go back. Got this one in a sampler and was looking forward to trying it. I had read that you either love it or hate it but I found it somewhat unsatifying. The draw seemed very loose to me and the burn left ashes flaking off everywhere. The sweetness of the wrapper was OK and expected but got old quickly. Not for me. I couldn't finish even half. Oh well.
Jack in Birmingham, AL October 22, 2012
"very satisfying"
The Kuba Kuba was a good stick from start to finish. I experienced a smooth, soft smoke with hints of coffee and clove. I tend to take deep draws and this Acid took all I gave it and didnt get bitter. The cap was sweet, but the second 1/3rd it mixed with the smoke nicely.
Joe in Twin Lakes, Wi October 14, 2012
"Good Flavor"
I bought this cigar the other day on a whim.I smoke 1-2 cigars a day.This cigar was a nice departure from my everyday smoke.Its flavor was sweet and mild to me the burn was a little uneven but I smoke them down to the point I burn my fingers.I would recommend this smoke to a friend.
Ken in Spring City Tn September 16, 2012
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