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Acid Kuba Kuba Reviews [view details]

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"Acid In My Humidor"
I tried one of these on the recommendation from a local cigar shop. I now buy a 5 pack with my routine purchases. The wrapper and smoke have a smooth, sweet taste mixed with a dark bold richness. They seem to go out pretty easy, so keep your fire handy.
Adam in San Diego November 26, 2014
"OMG! Really?"
If you are a true cigar smoker this is NOT a cigar for you! It smelled as if it had been doused in cologne of some type, just the taste of the wrapper against my lips was so sweet I could barely stand it. If you truly love the flavor of a premium cigar, rolled with premium tobacco. Steer clear of these. It is NOT a pure leaf premium cigar. If on the other hand you want to look like you know what you re doing, it is a nicely rolled cigar. It just doesn t taste like one. I couldn t even take a third draw before I had to throw it out.
Philip H in V.P. IL November 25, 2014
Very Good Cigar. I have smoked cigars for 30+ years. THIS cigar is VERY good!! The price is also very good. The draw and taste is what has made me buy them. Thanks! A++++
Robert S. in Loveland Ohio October 30, 2014
"My favorite... by a large margin"
Nothing bad to say about the Kuba Kuba. I love m
Steve in Thornville, Ohio July 29, 2014
"My new fav"
A friend told me about the kuba kuba. It was similar to the Java Latte also by Drew Estate, but the make, draw and overall experience is better with the kuba. It s my new go to!
VY in February 17, 2014
"Have yet to find one better"
I'm relatively new with the cigar world and still exploring. I've tried a good 30 various cigars so far and after every one so far I say I should have bought a Kuba Kuba instead. They caught my eye 2 years ago and as an occasional cigar smoker buying from various shops I've never had a problem with taste, burn, draw, etc. Always have been smooth. Great cigar. Those classy smokers can go ahead and stick with their dirt tasting cigars and I'll take these. Finger licking good!!
Rhys in Hopkins, MN December 27, 2013
"Great Experience"
I got this cigar in a sampler. The cigar has a strange spicy smell. I thought I was not going to like it. However, I smoked the cigar until my fingers burned. Great taste, easy draw, and great burn. Will buy again.
Joe in Maryland October 14, 2013
"Strangely awful!"
This is one strange cigar in that it looks, feels, and behaves almost perfectly. As if it were a creation of an artificial amalgamation of tobacco-like particles. Notice that the write up does not say 100% tobacco. Is it possible? And the taste is aseptic to be kind. It taste like sucking on a eucalyptus stick. What kind of "tobacco" needs so much camouflage? These were sent to me as samples from JR Cigars. No thanks!
Hovhannes in Los Angeles, ca October 11, 2013
"Nice cigar"
Construction is perfect, razor sharp burn, what i didnt like about the cigar is the too much sweet candy like taste, but after the 1/2 way point, it was aromatic, with a congac taste %26 smell, love that part of this cigar..
Raz in Israel October 10, 2013
I've made it through some cheap cigars that weren't the best tasting, but I was desperate for a smoke. I saw this in a nearby shop's humidor and figured I'd give it shot. I'm writing this still trying to get the taste out of my mouth. Probably the worst cigar I've tasted outside of stuff you buy in a 7-Eleven. No, it's worse. I can get through one of those. This? One puff was yuk, the second was that it must be a mistake and there wasn't a third. I tossed it into the bushes by the side of my deck. It was like smoking cotton candy. It seemed to burn nice for the few moments I had it lit. It was well constructed, but simply awful.
Brian in Kinnelon NJ October 2, 2013
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