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Acid Kuba Maduro Reviews [view details]

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"It grows on you, then won't let go!"
I was looking for a solid maduro and thought I'd try an Acid. When I 1st smelled the aroma it was off-putting. When I 1st tasted it I was very skeptical. Now at the end of it I regret reaching the end of it. Remarkably unique and tastey! A definite repeater!
in December 21, 2011
"If You Only Try 1 Acid, Make it This One!"
The best ACID stick period. Smoother and sweeter then the reg Kuba Kuba and a true smoling delight. bask in the lovely blended flavors in this stick!
Big John in Virginia August 7, 2011
"You have to try these"
If you are looking for something different and off the beaten path these are for you. Definitely not your dad's cigar. Complex flavors and an explosion of sweetness on your lips subsides to a medium bodied smoke that is very pleasureable. New cigar smoker? Try these! Veteran? Open up your palette to a new experience!
John in Virginia July 26, 2011
"OK at best"
The maduro is better than the kuba kuba as the flavor is more robust and toned in comparison, not as sweet but still overly sweet. Good burn, construction, and pull, solid roll.
nybrkrkjs in NY March 29, 2011
"Best cigar"
Burns great from both ends, stays lit and easy draw. Wonderful aroma, great taste. What a fantastic cigar. The best cigar I've ever smoked.
keith in Louisiana March 12, 2011
"The best cigar period"
What a great cigar. This is a smooth,flavorful cigar with a great draw, and smells fantastic. It is my alltime favorite cigar and they don't get any better.
Keith in Louisiana March 2, 2011
"Cigar with an Identity Crisis"
To me this cigar suffers from an identity crisis... seems it needs to commit a little more to one side or the other (either more tabbaco flavor or more flavor flavor). Nice construction and burn tho. Having said that my buddy absolutely loved em'.
dbishop0011 in October 1, 2010
"Fire it up"
Been smoking cigars (at least once a week) for years now, and gotta say that the flavor and aroma of this cigar is the best. I never was one for the aromatics, but this Kuba Maduro is it...cannot do better.
Peter in Florida July 5, 2010
"The best yet!"
Although I am new to smoking cigars, I know a good smoke when I get one. My cousin brought me one of these over and said I would fall in love with them. He was right on the money. It is a sweet tasting cigar with lots of flavor throughout the entire cigar. I smoked it until it was so far down I burnt my fingers, and I still didn't want to put it out. It's definitely worth the money if you want a relaxing enjoyable smoke.
in July 4, 2010
"You Have To Try This!"
I'm a very novice smoker, but i completely understand the different spices and herbs that go into such a wonderful cigar. I would recommend this heavily flavored cigar to anyone that i know of. Experienced or beginner smoker
Travis in Manchester, NH February 7, 2010
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10 Taste (86) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (93) 100
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