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Acid Kuba Maduro Reviews [view details]

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This is the first and only cigar I could not entertain the idea of enjoying. I put my lips on it, and tasted aspartame like diet coke . Not for the discerning.
Art V. in St. Aug, FL January 21, 2015
"Good smoke!"
Good smoke, easy draw, burns very well. You can savor the Maduro wrap. One of my tops!
Mark in Indy August 12, 2013
"looks beautiful taste way too sweet"
This cigar is exactly as advertised and some. Overly sweet and a strong floral tasting cigar i just couldn't enjoy being a maduro lover, it did have a good draw and an excellent appearance.
Hassan in michigan June 28, 2013
Some people don't like the sweet taste, but this is an infinitely exquisite and wonderfully orchestrated cigar. The one thing you have to be careful of is ensuring you moisturize the cigar properly. Coming in the glass bottles, the cigars lose some of the texture which is easily rectified with a good humidor for roughly a week. After that, the burn and taste is second to none.
JoJo in Virginia May 5, 2013
"The best"
This is one of the absolute best cigars I have ever had! Will buy many many more for the rest of my life.
Caleb cooper in Granby, mo March 25, 2013
"reminds me of pipe tabacco"
its a good cigar spice/sweet but its not a true maduro taste. its like your smoking a good pipe tabacco.
michael in washington November 18, 2012
"Thumbs Down"
Not for the purist. Spice notes with slight sweetness. Excellent construction, burns well. Just not my cup of tea.
Richard J. Thode in U.S.A September 23, 2012
"Great aroma and very nice flavor"
First of all I wish that people who write bad reviews about being too sweet or weird tasting would realize that what these cigars are all about blending different types of aromas and tastes and stop writing negative things about these cigars doing what they are supposed to be. It's like tasting a light beer and saying it is too watery. This cigar had a wonderful aroma and great taste very enjoyable. I enjoyed it with a nice semi-sweet moscato after dinner.... very relaxing after a long day at work.
Tim in Michigan August 27, 2012
"Good burn no after taste"
These have become one of my favorite smokes along with MUWAT they have a consistent tight burn and good taste (if you don't like flavored you may not care for these) much better than the Kuba Kuba in my opinion. Have tried several other Acids and they don't come close to these Kuba Maduros.
Oddball141 in Annapolis July 14, 2012
"Love Them"
These are great alone but better with Crown Royal! This was my first Cigar and i have been hooked ever since.
JBfromTN in Memphis April 13, 2012
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