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Acid Liquid Reviews [view details]

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"One of the best Acids that I've ever smoked"
I recieved a my secret stash collection and while I enjoyed all four of the cigars, one stood above the rest. The Acid Liquid is a smooth smoke with a great ash and a such a consistent flavor that I burned my fingertips more than once trying to get that last little bit out of it. Great morning smoke in the field. I give it two thumbs up.
Nathan S. in Columbia, SC October 15, 2006
"Smells like a dirty hippie at the country fair"
I brought an acid liquid on a camping trip last week. While sitting around the campfire I lit this thing up. Smoking this cigar was like putting my lips on some dirty hippies' butt. This thing REAKS of patchouli oil. For those of you not familiar with patchouli oil, it's what those filthy hippies put on themselves to cover the BO while sitting in a tree. I enjoyed seeing it burn in the fire. If you want to try a great acid cigar go for the 1400cc. Cliff
Cliff in Eugene, Oregon July 21, 2006
"Not Up to Acid's Standards"
I like acid cigars (KuBa KuBa.....yummmmm),and was really looking forward to this one. What a let down. Almost flavorless, and very weak. Burned uneven too, drove me nuts. 6 bucks a stick to smoke air!
Bert Dockery in Indiana July 13, 2006
"The great outdoors.."
The woody rich tones of this cigar work in perfect harmony with fresh air. A great cigar to smoke outside. Camping, fishing or just on a walk, this one will bring you home to Momma.
Teodoro in Minneapolis March 20, 2006
"Not Typical of an Acid Cigar"
This was the worst cigar I have ever smoked in my life. It tasted bad from the beginning to the end. This cigar is not typical of an Acid... Awful Tasting and a bad smoke!
Ben Vana in March 6, 2006
"Worst of all known bad"
Not a hint of tobacco. Like smoking an incense stick. Sickening.
Michael Mullins in Houston, Tx September 1, 2005
"Not what I expected from an Acid"
I was expecting the aroma and unique flavor of an Acid; what I got was an average cigar with only a hint of flavor. Nice smoke but not an Acid.
Brent in Louisiana August 9, 2005
"Great cigar but not the Acid sweetness"
I received this cigar in the "my private stash" collection. This is a great smoke, but it lacks the famous Acid "sweetness" of the other Acid cigars. Its was an enjoyable smoke that burned well, with a creamy white smoke. Once you get past the lack of sweet flavor and think of it as a regular cigar you will enjoy it.
Jason in California July 15, 2005
Started off harsh. Then mellowed out niceley in the middle. Then it got harsh again the last 2 inches. This cigar had a few good hits - never really had great, powerful flavor. Really mild when it wasn't harsh. I wouldn't get it again. I let it set and took infrequent hits hoping it would get better - never did.
Mike in California February 9, 2005
"Unconventional - Yes - But I Love This Cigar !"
Very, Very Different but what a great smoke! Burns perfectly, great taste, nice aroma. Maybe not for everyday, but a great smoke
David Allen in Lake Mary, FL October 22, 2004
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