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Acid Nasty Reviews [view details]

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"Acquired taste may be for the better?"
I am not new to the Acid brand Cigars. They are my go-to, with this said. This cigar is high on my list, top 4, for Acid cigars. The taste may distance itself from typical Acid Cigars, but this does not change the philosophy Drew Estate puts into every Acid. This Cigar Is unique, in it's fullness, to the Stages of burn as the cigar is smoked. I feel that the design is something that makes the smoke so enjoyable; starting full force, ending smooth. Give it a try, as an active acid buyer, I am glad i did.
Jon in Philadelphia March 1, 2010
"the nasty"
Good even burn. Last well over a half hour which isn't bad for a 4 inch stick. Alright taste. I am a acid fan i like the oils they use. I perfer the blue lable. I think the blondie has the most bang for the buck hands down.
steve in pa July 31, 2009
"Smoked it to the nub!"
It was a unique smoke. I picked up on the roses right away. Plus it has an earthy taste to it. The ash was white and hung on for over over an inch on a windy day outside. I smoked it to the point that I would have burned my fingertips if I continued. The Nasty was the second of the Acids I have smoked. It's not for everyone, but some may appreciate the flavors it provides.
Karen in Columbia, SC May 5, 2009
"Not bad, but not my favorite"
I got this cigar from another site because I could get singles of other cigars that I had wanted to try that werent offered on Famous. Anyway, I lit it up with one of my friends and we proceded to go on a walk because it was a fantastic day.The first couple puffs were admitedly just as the name implies, however the cigar got much better as we kept puffing away. There are a lot of different flavors packed into this little cigar, which I appreciated, and the construction was wonderful. It had a very consistant and even burn all the way to the end. Unfortunately, I tend to be a natural tobacco man so I personally have to say that I wouldnt purchase one again, however it is deffinitely worth it to try one just for the experiance.
Eli in Morris, Minnesota March 24, 2009
DICK B. in FAYETTEVILLE, TX. March 14, 2009
"nasty cigar"
The best cigar I've EVER had (Period)
Philip in louisiana February 19, 2009
I expressed skepticism about this brand to the Drew Estates rep at a cigar event (at Tobacco Planet cigar lounge in Eaglerock, CA), and he got me to try one by challenging my masculinity!! Haha! (I had snidely remarked that they might be good cigars "for girls"). The upshot is that I tried a Nasty and really really liked it. I consider it a "breakfast" cigar to smoke with my morning coffee. I also like the Kuba and the Larry, but the Nasties are perfect when you just want a quick cigar break.
Marcos El Malo in Los Angeles November 13, 2008
"Great cigar - the best of ACID"
I tried all of the ACID cigars and this is THE one! Nice oily wrapper with great taste. Never had any construction issues. Try a 5 pack first because, as we all know, tastes vary :)
Dave in San Diego June 14, 2008
"Nasty is wonderful"
I got this in the tin with another order, and I was really interested in trying it- it had good and bad feedback here. I'm happy to say I really liked it. It's mellow not over flavored and smooth. It's got a complex taste and unlike some of the other Acid flavors it wont flavor your mouth. Although I'm not a very experienced cigar smoker I give this highest possible ratings, I'm not sure what I like more this or the earthy cigar Acid makes.
Hunter in Indiana April 10, 2008
I really like the Acid line from Drew Estate. My favorite by far is Extra Ordinary Larry. I got this Nasty just because of the shape. I thought it looked fun. I lit it up and I wasn't really sure. The taste was okay. The red banded cigars are way different than some of the other lines like blue, yellow, purple... I couldn't finish it myself. Gave it to a friend. Maybe I didn't give it a fair shake or maybe I just should stick with Larry.
Sean in Montesano, WA April 4, 2008
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