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Acid Nasty Reviews [view details]

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"Still dont know what to think about this one.."
This cigar is not for everyone...Its not a bad cigar,It just's different...And another acid cigar thats way over priced!!!!!
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq March 29, 2008
"Just try one"
I am by no means an expert. I lean more towards being a booze snob. Nonetheless I really enjoy a good cigar, Padron, Rocky Patel, Carlos Torano, are some of my go-to cigars, so I was reluctant to try one of these odd-shaped, incense smelling sticks. I lit this thing up while watching my dogs run around outside and I just stood there in awe of this little weird cigar. It tasted pretty good, and gave off an extraordinary amount of smoke. About a minute into the cigar I involuntarily stuck it between my teeth, chewing on it, something I NEVER do. I just enjoyed smoking it, not thinking about taste or balance, gnawing on the end like Clint in a western. There will always be a place in my black little heart for a 1964 Padron and a glass of scotch in my life, but the Nasty just drops all of the ritual and pretense and offers a unique smoke for little cash.
D. Love in Tennessee January 19, 2008
I have mixed feelings about this cigar in the Acid line. Looking forward to trying them based on the reviews here, I participated and lost an auction for a box. So I bought a box outright; I should have bought the 5-pack. Live and learn. The cone-shape (I am not a cigar aficionado and don't know all the correct terminology) was unusual and I thought it was pretty cool-looking. I liked the typical draw-end sweetness typical of Acids. I even liked the first few draws. After that, however, I thought the cigar was rather dry and tasteless, like burning cardboard. Since I am stuck with the rest of the box, I'll smoke 'em down to the point where I'll toss it, but I won't buy any more of these.
Mark Allen Galbreath in Odenton, MD December 19, 2007
"Just like the name implies!"
Well I'm going to jump in here too. I've tried other Acid cigars (1400 and Kuba Kuba) and found them to be an "interesting" change when I was in the mood for a flavored cigar. Generally they were well made and smoked well, if a flavored smoke was your "thing". Unfortunately this one lives up to its name. They are shaped like an old style cheroot; short and tapered to a point. The five I bought all suffered from the same poor workmanship which included loosely rolled filler and a lumpy wrapper that has a very strange salty taste. It was difficult to keep them lit and whatever flavor was infused into the tobacco was not enough to compensate for the hot bitter smoke that came out!! And the aroma smelled a bit like soap!! Sorry guys but this one is not for me especially at just over $4 a stick!!
Manny Gomez in NV August 21, 2007
I've been smoking the Kuba Kuba for years, and decided to try these (although I'm not a Maduro kinda guy), this is the best Cigar I've ever smoked. My New favorite, by far.
Scott in Yuma, AZ. July 22, 2007
"Strange smell, good smoke..."
I just finished an Acid Nasty about an hour ago. I bought one, then read some of these reviews about Acids tasting like Granny's perfume. I began to think I wasted my six bucks, especially when I took it out of the wrapper and took a whiff. Wow, it smelled like that..umm...bohemian person... you see at the used book store or second hand store. Anyway, after lighting it I was pleasantly surprised. The burn, draw, and flavor were top notch, with hints of cocoa in the puffs. But when you aren't toking on it, there's the Granny perfume, and I can still smell it. It was worth a try, but I prefer "normal" smokes.
Steve in Chicago April 15, 2007
"fine smoke"
listen guys.... those who bash acid are just not open to something different. blondies are good...but try the atom. it is outstanding. kuba is for aquired tastes. ming also smooth..but you cant go wrong with an atom. tea is ok. stick with atom for a cant go wrong smoke !!!
al in orlando November 30, 2005
""Nasty" is not as it's name implies!"
Acid NASTY Cigars are truly worth a try. They are anything but Nasty tasting. Please be advised that these are no ordinary cigars,you must TRULY have a palatte for flavored/scented cigars. Nasty cigars are strongly aromatic, wrapper is sweet to the taste, and provide a good burn. Again you have be a flavored/scented cigar afficionado too enjoy these, as they are not for everyone! I Love them!
Mad Maxx in Brooklyn, N.Y. October 8, 2005
"Am I smoking a different Nasty then the rest of U"
I see most of the reviews on the Nasty are bad, but I thinks its the best Acid out there. The flavor is so complex and tasty, one of only 2 flavored cigars I like but its defiantly not for beginners.
Pilfit in Ut USA March 25, 2005
This cigar looks like a small cone. The construction and burn were good, it had absolutely no flavor. It smelled good while it burned, but no flavor at all when taking a hit. I smoked it for almost an hour before I gave up on it.
Mike in California February 4, 2005
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