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Acid Nasty Reviews [view details]

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Hummm is what I had to say. The Nasty was the first try of the Acid line for me. Don't know why I went for that one first but I did and I must say I found it just that, Nasty! However, I won't judge the rest by the one experience. There are many others still that I am willing to test. However, I am not certain as to why someone may perfer the Nasty over the taste of a natural tobacco flavor or aroma. To each his own I guess. Gotta love it right? I have a Blondie to try out later (hope it is better). As the type of guy I am I most likely will give each one a chance but for the first "Acid Test" I would never do the NASTY again, Cigar that is! :)
Dave in OKC October 16, 2003
"ACID NASTY...the name says it all!"
I've heard so much about the ACID line of cigars and decided to order the sampler/collectors tin. So far, I've tried the ACID NASTY from the tin. The name says it all. The cigar looked very ugly,with both ends twisted to to cap it...were they just too lazy to cap an end properly? The cigar, I admit, smelled pleasant before being lit, but that's basically the only good point I could find about it. Not sure what "oils" they used to flavor the cigar, but I might equate it to taking a cigar, spraying it with some cheap perfume and then letting it dry out. The flavor was "unique" at first, but then it just tasted...well, gross. Maybe it was the blend of tobaccos with the flavoring, but definitely not tasty. And that's just the start of it...the cigar refused to stay lit, the ash flaked off everywhere, and the wrapper started to come apart. Overall, a big let down. Was expecting more from this cigar. I really hope the other cigars in the tin aren't this bad. Otherwise, I just blew $50!
E.C. in Virginia June 16, 2003
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