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"Worth A Try"
This one isn't a sweet ACID like I had tried before. This one had more floral potpourri smell, but in a strange good way. It isn't one I'd go for all the time but one I'd buy a single of again just to have around. Had it with a cup of coffee and the combination was perfectly matched in my opinion.
DS in Savannah December 13, 2014
"One my favorites"
First purchased one from a local smoke shop. Thought I d try something different and I wasn t disappointed. Ones of my favorite smokes. An acquired taste.
Mac in Pittsburgh April 13, 2014
"They named this 1 right"
Up until this I liked every Acid/Drew Estate cigar I tried. After a few minutes I had to get rid of it.
Jerry in Detroit April 3, 2014
"Must be in the mood but one of my favorites!"
OK, I do not usually write reviews for cigars but continue to be surprised by the terrible reviews this little cigar gets. I will start by saying that I usually lean towards a medium to full strength non flavored cigar such as many of the Rocky Patel and Arturo Fuente cigars. I have to admit that I tried these for the unique look and the smaller size for a ?quick? smoke and fell in love with them. I have since kept a supply of the Nastys in my stock for when I know I will be outside for a shorter smoke break at weddings or general parties. The smell and smoke is generous ? hence the ?outdoor? smoke. I find that they always burn well, draw just about perfectly and have a unique flavor that changes as you get closer to the finger burning end. I finish these up with a roach clip! This cigar makes a great ?hand out? for break at a wedding with my new friends and old and goes great with a straight up Jack Daniels! For those who give it a low rating I say ? you just don?'t understand the Nasty Experience.
Dan in Middletown CT September 4, 2013
"Name is spot on"
Nasty, nasty, nasty. Bought 5 smoked one and thought it was terrible. Waited a few months and smoked a second...never again. Will give the rest away.
Adam in Texas May 31, 2013
"Nasty is correct name"
Got this in the sampler and it is the one that I will NOT buy again. No real taste in the draw. Really felt like a half step up from a Philly blunt type of cheapie.
Andy in Downingtown, PA April 20, 2013
"Weird and different"
I've just started smoking this never tried it before. It's not a typical cigar shape. It's like a pyramid . Smells nice but the taste borders on bitterness but not quite !!!! Easy draw and excellent burn . It's small too. Can't say ill try it again but it's not overly horrible.
Danny K in Chicago IL January 30, 2013
"Best Acid Smoke!!"
When it comes to the Acid line, there are some diehard favorites and this is one. Great smoke, enjoyed form start to finish. Really picked up on the cocoa nuances and loved every minute of it.
R. J. in East Stroudsburg, PA May 25, 2012
"Really Diffrent"
It is completely unlike anything I have tried. It is very aromatic smoke almost like incense, but it taste completely different from the way it smelled. It was much spicier that what I expected. I dislike the shape of the cigar. Anouth thing I did not like after I was done smoking, it left a extremely strong odor on me.
J in Texas January 26, 2012
"Worst Cigar"
I regularly smoke Kuba Kuba's, Blondies and other Drew Estate cigars. I received the Nasty in a sampler tin and it was the worst cigar I have ever smoked. Extremely strong and terrible taste. After about 2 minutes I had to throw it away. I would never buy this line again.
Tim H in Mogadore Ohio October 15, 2011
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