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I am a regular smoker of Acid cigars. I purchased the Acid sampler pack and it came with a variety of styles . The Acid one is not harsh and no bitter after taste. Very smooth and a very nice draw. It does have a sweet taste to it wich is a pleasant surprise . Acid is my cigar of choice and so far so good. Highly recommend
Dennis in Northbrook IL January 29, 2013
"One Of The Best I've Ever Smoked!!!"
Nice even burn, clean and smooth finish with subtle spice notes. I buy them buy the box!
Victor in Grand Blanc, MI June 14, 2009
"Lives up to its name."
Acid One provides a very relaxing smoke like a glass of fine wine. It had subtle tastes of red wine and sangria. Draw was great, the burn was a little uneven, but corrected itself. Goes good with a thick steak and a glass of red wine.
Tommy B. in Paradise, California January 19, 2009
"they may not burn well but worth the taste"
all of them taste great. a really different cigar
lon in texas September 13, 2008
"Very Nice"
So far Acid is my favorite brand of smokes, this one is very mellow with a very very nice taste. I'm pleased - Even people who don't like the acid flavors will like this one- Its not to strong and has a nice smoke flavor as well. I write a review of all cigars I smoke for Famous Smokes, they have very good deals super nice promos and those let me sample this fine smoke for its price might have made me wait longer to try it. Thanks Acid and Famous
Hunter in Indiana April 16, 2008
"Mature Blondie"
Until I smoked the One, the Blondie was my favorite Acid cigar. Now I have 2 favorites. The One is a sweet and mellow smoke like the Blondie, but there is more tobacco flavor and a longer burn. The one thing that I cannot abide in a cigar is a bitter aftertaste and the One had none. I litterally smoked this blunt down to where I could have used roach clips to hold it. A magnificent, soothing, laid-back smoke!
Mark Allen Galbreath in Odenton, MD December 19, 2007
"acid one"
freakin awesome,this smoke is off the hook! this smoke keeps you wanting more,deffinatley something different,tried 5 now ready for the box.
chuck in owensboro,ky October 30, 2007
"Smooth Taste & Burn... Acid One"
Got the assortment tin - The only two out of the box worth dropping a nickel on IMO are the Nasty $ One. I'll keep to the Onyx Reserves.
Wing Man in So Cal August 11, 2007
"The One: Easily the best that ACID has to offer."
I have been smoking cigars for a long time. I am normally a medium-full cigar smoker, who likes to try a little of everything. I have smoked all that ACID has to offer at this point, and have found the entire brand is a bit 'over-sweetened,' especially at the tip, where every puff results in a 'Drew Estate Lip Infusion' of overpowering flavor... The One however, is easily the best ACID incantation yet. Performing well in all standard areas (ratings ranging from 7.5 to 8.5). Only 2 ACIDs receive my notation of 'must try at least once' and this is one of them. Full-Body-Only smokers may want to invest the $7-$10 a stick elsewhere. RECOMMENDATION: Anyone who even remotely likes anything that ACID has to offer should try the 'CAO Flavors' line-up. Moontrance is a good place to start.
B. Johnson in WA July 8, 2007
"Sweet& succulant"
A real fine smoke. wish they were a little cheaper. I'm diabetic and this is how I get a hit on sweets.
Stew in Up State NY July 13, 2005
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