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Acid Roam Reviews [view details]

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This was quite a unique experience. I just smoked this cigar, roughly an hour ago, after my wife picked it out at one of my local cigar shops with me, following a very large Italian meal (we passed on the Tiramisu, we were so stuffed!). Now, mind you, last night I smoked a genuine Cohiba (gold label!) churchill that was the absolute best smoke I've ever had. This one was nowhere near it, but I was very pleased with it. The construction was very good, the ash was solid and held on for almost two inches, the burn was more even than some premiums and super-premiums I've had. The aroma was a little sweet for my taste, but my wife was severely turned on by it. Yes, I will definitely keep some in my humi!!!!! The taste is very difficult to describe. Yes, it is sweet. Upon lighting it, there was this burn in the back of my throat, which eventually went away after a few puffs, then it became creamy (I really couldn't think of another word to describe the sensation!!!!) and sweet. The perfect match to this cigar is a German Brandy (Asbach Uralt). Think I'm kidding or crazy?! Try it!!! Overall, I would recommend this cigar as if it were a unique dining experience. One of those occasions when you don't know what you want, but you want something different. Enjoy!
GMan in Miami September 2, 2006
"My Favorite Cigar"
Just had this cigar about 20 mins ago, and it is my favorite cigar (with the exception being cuban). Its light, smooth and has a great aroma. The burn is great too. Highly recommended to any Acid fans out there....
Joe in July 22, 2006
"Unique and tasty experience"
Smoked one of these while the wife was out of time and had plenty of time to enjoy it.Definitely creamy smoke.Slightly sweet and mellow.Went great with a nice glass of Merlot.Try it.
Thurman in Houston February 24, 2006
"Not Bad"
I got this in the Tin. The wrapper was falling apart - maybe from bouncing around in the tin??? Anyway, this is a very mild smoke. Nice melow sweet flavor on each hit. Nice white ash. Flavor stopped around the last third of the cigar. Didn't get harsh (burn) till the last third. Lasted a long time. Not sure if I would get again - still trying the others.
Mike in California December 28, 2004
"A nice relaxing smoke"
I've smoked a few different varieties of ACID, and so far all have been interesting taste experiences. When I want something a bit different from the norm ACID is where I go. Roam is a smooth, mellow smoke with hints of cream and floral accents that are too complex to pin down. The pre-light aroma is sweet, making you wonder whether to smoke it or eat it. My daughter likens them to the smell of candy. These cigars are well constructed and have an easy draw. If I have any complaint at all it would be that because they are churchill sized, it may be too much of a good thing for someone who does not have lots of spare time for smoking. Don't try it unless you have a couple of hours to fully enjoy it; to do otherwise will only be cheating yourself.
Robert Tresso in New York December 25, 2003
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