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"I wish I could afford a truckload of these"
Flavor is amazing. So smooth.
Nick in Amarillo, TX September 29, 2013
"Creamy and Smooth"
Being the second Acid I've ever smoked (Kuba Kuba being first), I was very surprised by this one. Smooth as can be, with a nice creamy flavor that last the whole cigar. You get what you pay for with this
BK in La Grange Park September 19, 2012
"this what every cigar should aspire to be"
I'm not exactly a cigar afficianato only smoking for maybe half a year but when u come across a cigar like this lighting one up for the first time u realize this is what a good cigar should taste like
Marcus Bailey in Tucson, Arizona March 8, 2011
"Expensive for potpourri..."
Awful cigar...just awful. I wouldn't give this to a frenemy to smoke....but I really like the Natural Dirt from Drew Estate. But this, this is awful.
in July 7, 2010
I am a die hard acid head! I've tried them all, and right now I've got a humodor stocked to the max. Roams, Infusion Tea, Five's, Blondie's and One's. For the individual that has not experience acid, I suggest any of the one's that I savor. Roam is lucious. I tell people that acid is not sweetened, they're infused! Tremendous smoke and top notch craftsmanship. Going out back to turn a Five to ash right now.
Neal in New York May 22, 2010
"Drew's best flavored cigar"
I wanted so much to like an acid cigar, and finally found it with the Roam. Unlike most of the others, it's not sickeningly sweet. It's actually shaped like a cigar, with churchill-like dimensions. It's very light (weightwise) which ensures an easy draw, but also guarantees a fast burn. If you're used to a churchill lasting through you telling a story about your greatest high school achievement, you'll have to light up two to get to the naked part. The infusion they brag about is in the aroma and (at least in the Roam) allows the flavor of the tobacco to not be overwhelmed by additives. I would love to sample this cigar without the extras, but that's not gonna happen. Either way, the Roam is Drew Estate's best flavored cigar
Marc Bright in April 4, 2009
"best cigar"
best cigar
kin lok wong in new york staten island November 4, 2008
"smells and tastes like strong flowered purfume"
Please be careful when buying these you can't taste any tobacco just flowers.Maybe these should only be smoked by people who enjoy the taste of foses in their mouth. I hope this helps someone to save money.
Michael in Malibu, September 12, 2008
"Pleasant aroma, nice size"
Good for a change of pace. Caveat!!!! Do not put these cigars in the same humidor as your regular smokes. These are aromatic and cured with oils and botanicals. They will take over your entire humidor and everything you own will take on the attirbutes including the humidor.
Kenneth Bauman in OH December 15, 2006
"Excellent Cigar for the buy"
This is the one cigar that I truly enjoy. It has the best flavor I have ever come across. Jonathan Drew sure hit a number one with the Acid Roam with me.
J Hall in Maine September 8, 2006
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