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Acid Subculture Reviews

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Acid Subculture Mantra
"Mild, great aroma, a less floral Kuba Kuba"
I picked 5 of these up in the Spiced Wingman #1 from the Monster along with 5 Kuba Kubas. I'm a sweet/infused smoker in general so I had high hopes for these. They ABSOLUTELY did not disappoint. They are mild and aromatic with less of the floral notes that you get in the Kuba Kuba... almost like a Blondie Belicoso, but still even less floral but with the same amount of sweetness. The wrapper is mild enough that the flavor really comes from the infusion, but it s a great flavor so I m not complaining. If you have an Acid heavy rotation, these are great to mix in for a change of pace without veering to far away from the familiar. As a nice bonus, they re also at least a little cheaper than most of the blue-label Acids of the same size!
Stephen Hopkins in Douglasville, GA June 5, 2013
Acid Subculture Mantra
"Good Cigar. Worth a shot"
Mild cigar with clove and sweet taste. Easy to smoke. Burn and taste is very good. Worth a shot
Anthony in California May 24, 2013
Acid Subculture Mantra
"Mild Cigar with Great Aroma"
A good mild cigar with good aroma. Smell of clove and cinnamon. Very easy draw and burn was consistent. Good cigar for beginners.
Anthony in California May 18, 2013
Acid Subculture Mantra
"Tasty in the Mexican night!"
We smoked these one beautiful night by the water. Aroma was delicious and flavor not too overwhelming. I could have appreciated a stronger flavor of tobacco or herbal overtones though but overall this was very lovely.
Gregorio in Puerto Vallerta April 2, 2013
Acid Subculture Tri-Borough
"Great smoke"
Big fan of Acid cigars,and I love a smoke this size.Great taste.
Lou in Florida July 25, 2012
Acid Subculture Tri-Borough
"just right!"
i'm half way through the box now and each cigar has been a perfect clone of the one before,good consistency.solid construction ,an easy draw with a great aroma when toasting the foot.tons of smoke with flavors somewhere between a kuba kuba and liquid with a lingering finish leaning more to medium to mild to start but picks up a little strength in the final act.i've had the longest ashes on these.will keep a box in stock acid cigars age well at home.highly recommended
figurado in cat square nc April 8, 2012
Acid Subculture Satori
"Pleasantly surprised"
I purchased a 5 pack of these, really fought the urge to light one up immediately. The aroma is intoxicating - let it chill in the humi for a couple of weeks and wow. Sweetened cap was perfect - I smoked this one down so far I nearly burned my fingers. Fantastic.
Joe R in Detroit, Michigan June 21, 2011
Acid Subculture Tri-Borough
"Different, but equivalent, to Kuba"
I have been looking for "another" cigar; you know, one with the QUALITY of the Kuba, but with a different taste. That every other day cigar; Kuba one day, another cigar the other. Hey, Drew: THIS IS THAT CIGAR.
Michael in Louisiana January 31, 2010
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