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Acid Toast Reviews [view details]

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Absolutely one of the smoothest and best smelling cigars you will ever light. The rich dark oiled wrapper will have your mouth watering before you've even lifted the unlit stick to your nose for that first heavenly breath! These can be a little sweet at first but within a few minutes that ultra sweetness fades in a smooth smoky delight. This is a great burning long lasting cigar that you can just ease back and enjoy slowly. The only problem I've ever had with these cigars is once in awhile you will come across one or two that have hard draws. Not a big deal if you ve got a nice long punch to poke down through and open up and like I said, these are rarities to find, but they do pop up from time to time. Overall, this cigar is a wonderful cigar to have in your Humidor. It's not the only kind I smoke, but you'll always find a few in my Humidor! Another Drew Estate Gem!
Todd in Peoria, IL May 16, 2013
"Pleasant and nice aroma"
First time trying this cigar . It has a pleasant aroma to it which is different and kind of refreshing . It does have an almost sweet taste to it which is needed in my opinion . Dark tobacco wrap good construction. Not too bad from Acid which is my cigar of choice . The only downside is that the draw is a little labored and at times difficult for the smoke to come through
Danny K in Chicago IL February 7, 2013
"Sweet like candy"
I was put onto acid cigars about a month ago by a friend of mine from work and I've spent over $400 already on my new love of cigars ,but acid is my brand and I stay loyal ,no reason to try anything else !!!
Paul in Staten Island ,new York December 9, 2012
"By far the best of the Acid brand"
I have smoked a few acid cigars, this is the smoothest and has the best construction. The flavor is great for a beginner.
Jon C in Kansas City October 21, 2012
Just like the other Drew Estates this is a little pricy, however they have a great flavor, aroma and are extremely smooth!! Winner in my book
Robert A in South Carolina September 17, 2012
"Loved it"
i loved everything about this stick it in-bodied everything i have come to love about acid cigars. i was fortunate to get a stick with zero flaws, construction was top notch with perfect draw and burn . i will definitely be buying a box
Ronald in Lynchburg VA July 9, 2012
"Takes getting use to"
A bit too sweet for me, did not like the smell before lighting it but smoked very well, a great cigar if you can get over the pre-smoke aroma.
Gypsee in Dumfries, Va July 5, 2012
Sweet and spicy. My first intro to Acids and I will definately be buying these again.
Craig B. in Calgary June 13, 2012
"Worth trying"
CLOVES! As usual Drew Estate sweetened the tobacco for your lips pleasure. It has a big kick of clove and sweet spices. My stick however had a rather wavy line that needed several touch ups because it was canoeing pretty bad. The wrapper also wasn't the tightest. Had a small piece break off mid stick. Flavor and smoothness wise this is a great smoke but Drew Estate needs to do a smidge better Quality Control.
Ian in Columbus,OH June 2, 2012
"If you want to smoke something different!"
One of the best smokes I have tried! Not like the traditional boring smokes
S. Charlton in Texas July 3, 2011
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10 Consistency (89) 100
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10 Draw (83) 100
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10 Appearance (94) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (87) 100
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