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"Perfect Car Freshener"
Drew Estate is definitely the pinnacle of infused cigars, unfortunately I think they just mixed the leftover flavors with the over fermented tobacco and called this cigar good. Bottom line, if you're looking for a car freshener, this cigar is for you. Otherwise save the money and get a good cigar.
MJDAVIS in New York March 25, 2014
"Hands Down Worst Ever, multiple issues"
As soon as I took a whiff of this smoke, it smelled of clove and spice, but I knew I was trying something that bragged it s not a cigar, it s an Acid , so I was OK with this. The wrapper tasted really strong when I put it in my mouth, and when I lit it up, I could tell the difference immediately. I did not care for the taste, but just because I didn t doesn t mean you won t. The problems began with the draw. The draw was horrendous. Then at times it would draw fine, and then switch back to no draw at all again, as if in layers. Then there s the burn issues. Uneven doesn t even describe it. It burned in spirals all the way down; I ve never seen anything like it. Its really hard to describe. The wrapper burnt round and round the cigar like a candy cane! Also required 3 or 4 relights. Because I had to toke on this abomination so hard, it quickly started to overheat, and the nasty taste became even worse, which I didn t think was possible. I still can t get the taste out of my mouth. BEWARE OF THIS SMOKE. It s not a cigar, it s a turd.
Snakebite in December 7, 2013
"A nice alternative"
I enjoyed my first Acid toast. I'd definitely plan to buy more.
C Baum in Georgia October 22, 2013
"A nice alternative"
I enjoyed my first Acid toast. I'd definitely plan to buy more.
C Baum in Georgia October 22, 2013
"Good smoke but a tough draw at times"
Enjoyed the Toast initially but was difficult to draw on it 1/3 of the way down. Did get easier after 2/3. Did have somewhat of a sweet taste but enjoyable. Nice for a change.
Bill in Boynton Beach, Fl October 20, 2013
"My favorite cigar"
I've tried at least 50 different cigars and this is easily the best tasting I've had.
David in San Diego October 20, 2013
"Great Smoke"
I'm not a huge fan of sweet dipped cigars, BUT, this one was just right.
Sean O in Upstate NY October 8, 2013
"Nice flavor - a really solid cigar"
I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor of this cigar. At first draw, I could tell this was going to be a smooth and relaxing smoke. My first time ordering this cigar, and I will definitely be ordering again.
Brian in CT August 9, 2013
"It was ok..."
I wouldn't turn down a Toast if given one but I won't be buying more for the humidor. Burn was decent, some corrections. Draw was a bit tight. Nothing horrible, but you'll get a bit of pucker in your cheeks for a good draw. Acid is good for a good looking cigar, nice color and construction. The taste was what got me. Nothing really grabbing about it. Not bad by any means, but I didn't find anything spectacular about it either. Mediocre it isn't, but it s not great either.
Vin M in Denver, CO May 26, 2013
"Excellent - My Mainstay"
Smoking cigars for about two years now. Started with sweet cigars and gradually moved toward more naturals. However, I keep coming back to Toast! By far my favorite - just the right blend of sweet and spicy for me I guess! May not be for everyone. I also agree with the other reviewers that once in a while I get one with a hard draw. Other than that, LOVE EM! Every time I put one to my lips, instantly relaxed! Awesome!
Dan in Fort Wayne May 22, 2013
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10 Draw (84) 100
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10 Taste (89) 100
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10 Construction (88) 100
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