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I'm still new to stogies, but this was tasty. I have mostly been smoking cigarillos size, but this made me want to try full size Acid. I enjoyed and have 4 more and that makes me happy.
m. winter in Hawaii October 6, 2013
started out smooth which is good but there wasn't any distinct flavor that really motivated me to smoke another. it got hot quick which is probably a side affect from it being wrapped really loosely. over i wouldn't say it's terrible but i certainly don't plan on going back to it any time soon
in Canada June 23, 2012
I enjoy acid cigars, but i was disappointed in buying a box of the wafe. I have smoked many but i end up keeping them in my humidor and handing them out to friends. They are just a poor buy.
thomas in ft wayne IN January 25, 2012
"Not That bad!!!"
I justed finished my first Acid Wafe By Drew Estatw,And I was very pleased. The burn time was 23 Minutes, which is a little short for my taste. The prise of the Wafe is a little to high for such a little cigar but had a very sweet taste. The Draw was just rite not being to hevey or light, and the Construction was good, but the shape was for sure a statement and a conversation starter.I would probly buy one agin But this well not be my go to Cigar. The only Major complant I well say about this is Wafer is it left a funny Smell in the slot of my humidor that it sat in for only about Five Days.
Byron G in Hemet December 28, 2011
"A very pleasant experience"
I was fairly critical when I first saw the wafe, But I enjoy trying new things so I picked one up. I'm glad I did. It's a very mild sweet smoke that gains more flavor as you smoke it. Burn was pretty decent, and the draw was phenomenal for a small cigar. The construction was pretty much flawless. My only complaint is that this stick only lasts about 20 minutes. Give it a try. If you enjoy anything else in the blue label line I'm sure you will like this too!
Jamie J in Michigan August 10, 2011
"Two Cigars in One"
This cigar is fabulous! It starts sweet; if you continue to enjoy it past the blue wrapper the flavor becomes robust. The shape affords you the ability to relax and savor the quality without having to deal with a saliva wet cigar; it's by far my favorite.
kwilliams in maryland August 8, 2011
"One & Only Cigar I Like"
Until the Acid Wafe cigar; I never smoked cigars. I didn't like cigars and didn't want them smoked in my house. This little cigar is most unique in flavor...an addictive aroma. We drove 2 hours to a humidor that carried these cigars until they went out of business, my husband was devastated. I found that I could order them online...now he is happy and he gets to smoke in the house.
Christina in Arkansas January 29, 2011
"A strange little cigar"
I'm a big fan of Acid cigars, but this one is not among my favorites. While the draw is OK, it's a little harsh, burns unevenly and loses its flavor. I see it a sort of novelty smoke for when friends are over and you want to try something a little funky but its definitely not an everyday smoke. It's worth a 5 pack but not a box.
Dan in Long Beach January 27, 2009
Very smooth and tastey!! New favorite
Carla in Abita Springs, LA December 4, 2008
"fun and tasty"
fired up my first wafe tonight. I have a new favorite stick. Go Drew Estates!
kyle in wisconsin August 2, 2008
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10 Draw (86) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
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10 Construction (84) 100
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