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"Very Handy"
Very handy indeed. I am new to cigars and only have 20-25 sticks around at a time so this is perfect! I use distilled water in the humidifier and it works great.
Jon in USA January 22, 2014
Got this as a bonus deal. Tall enough for Churchills, light, and closing nicely snug, but the cedar lining at the bottom shows what looks like mold spores!
Stefan in City by the Bay November 6, 2013
"Good for Extra Sticks"
Got this free from famous as a coupon choice. I use it along with my regular humidors. I have seen a couple times it get up to about 80%. This will cause mold. I now keep either humidity beads, water pillows, or Boveda packs inside to help regulate humidity. Also every time I finish a cigar in a tube, I get the thin cedar strips and stick them in here. All in all a good little extra humidor, or great for someone just starting out.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
"Great for extra sticks"
This DOES NOT mold your cigars. I use it to keep extras in it. Works great
Bobby in NewYork November 14, 2012
"Fabulous humidor for newbies or for travel"
I am a wee bit irked that I paid nearly double for this jar before Christmas. At the sale price, don't miss it. This would be a better product if some cedar was included in the jar, but I had a few cedar blocks in a closet and used one with great results. Really keeps your cigars fresh, although a hygrometer might be a nice addition. At the price, this humidor jar is a *steal*.
Paul in Southeastern Minnesota January 12, 2012
"Line The Walls With Thin Cedar Strips"
This humidor jar is perfect for keeping your cigars separated. I took some very thin cedar strips from a box of cigards and lined the walls with cedar. Perfect humidor at great price when on sale.
RG in Sacramento CA September 19, 2011
"Nice little humidor"
I bought this as a gift for someone. Works great so far, after some reviews saying humidity runs high I recommended the giftee not to put water in it as often. he was a new cigar smoker, so I wish there was quick instructions for it, but it was pretty self explanatory.
Michael in SoCal September 5, 2011
It DOESNT mold your 'gars...unless you're adding water every few days....geez
David in Liberty Lake, Wa August 19, 2011
"great for travel"
I bought this as a extra humidor, and it works out great for traveling
Michael F in west sacramento, ca August 18, 2011
Works perfect. Great price. Is perfect for your moist pipe tobacco.
Bryce in St. George, Utah July 19, 2011