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Acrylic Humidor Jar Reviews [view details]

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"Worst Humidor Ever"
Turns your fresh cigars into moldy cigars.
Michael in Fallston, MD June 11, 2010
"Excellent for the price"
Bought one because it was cheap and I needed a humidor. Moistens up in about a day. I threw a hygrometer in it just for fun, and every now and then it creeps up to about 80. Stays at 70 fairly well, you just need to crack it open every now and then. With the lid not entirely closed but latched it seems to stay at a steady 60. All in all, great for travel, not exactly for home.
Evan in San Jose May 18, 2010
"Excellent extra storage of for travel"
Got this as part of a deal; it's great. I keep extras in it and have used it several times for trips. Since the top seals, you can throw it in the trunk with the luggage with no worries.
Brad in Chester, VA September 17, 2009