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Aging Room Quattro F55 Reviews

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Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto
"Lived up to the hype!"
I was a bit worried that CA s top 25 could be just politics and such... I was happy to see that it he aging room f55 concerto is a really great cigar! Taste is very smooth and creamy, the draw is outstanding, the burn time is close to an hour and I don t take my time either , and the flavor constantly evolves. Treat yourself to this cigar, it is very nice. This is one of few sticks that I smoke down to less than an inch nub, it is delicious the whole way and I will it was ten inches long instead of seven. The coolest part is that it is only an eight dollar stick; cigar snobs top ten puts davidoff at number one, perfect if you own a cigar shop...
Ryan in Springfield MO March 28, 2014
Aging Room Quattro F55 Stretto
"Kind of a let down"
I bought a full box at a good deal thinking man what a score! The first one I fired up had very inconsistent burn and kept having to relight it every 4 - 5 draws. And flavor seemed a little bland, nothing to really write home about. I figured maybe I just got an off stick. But nope, every one I fired up so far has crappy burn, wont stay lit and the flavor in the 9 year old wrapper is just not there. Ill probably never buy Aging Room again.
Chuck in Gonzales LA November 8, 2013
Aging Room Quattro F55 Stretto
"One Tasty Cigar"
After trying two singles these quickly became my favorite cigar of the year. Amazing wood and leather flavors, with a fantastic smooth spice throughout. Great burn and tons of smoke. A must buy!
Pete in MN January 31, 2013
Amilcar Perez Castro