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Aging Room Quattro F55 Concerto Reviews [view details]

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"Lived up to the hype!"
I was a bit worried that CA s top 25 could be just politics and such... I was happy to see that it he aging room f55 concerto is a really great cigar! Taste is very smooth and creamy, the draw is outstanding, the burn time is close to an hour and I don t take my time either , and the flavor constantly evolves. Treat yourself to this cigar, it is very nice. This is one of few sticks that I smoke down to less than an inch nub, it is delicious the whole way and I will it was ten inches long instead of seven. The coolest part is that it is only an eight dollar stick; cigar snobs top ten puts davidoff at number one, perfect if you own a cigar shop...
Ryan in Springfield MO March 28, 2014
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