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Aging Room Small Batch Reviews

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Boutique Blends Gift Pack
Probably 2 out of 10 cigars were good. Not a good deal!
Mark L. in Anderson , Indiana January 13, 2015
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Forte
"A Figurado on the World Level"
Unconditional is one of the best medium bodied cigars I have tasted. It starts a little bit with sharpness, but after a little while the sharpness disappears and turns into an incredible whole creamy, coffee flavor taste. Construction and draw on the top level.
Payman in Copenhagen August 29, 2014
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Forte
"Aging Room M356 Fort"
Awesome smoke from start to finish. Paired with a coffee, or rye and ginger - worked really well for me.
Andrew in Canada August 20, 2014
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Rondo
"Nice smoke"
I have smoked a few of these and find them rather pleasant if a bit on the mild side. A good draw though the construction was a bit loose.
Mark in Northern Utah July 21, 2014
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Paco
"nice lil cigar"
I think these really have a unique taste,a must try
Dean in Fargo July 7, 2014
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major
"Worth the sale price money 2 times over"
For most part this ciger goes for under 4.00 a piece . Cant find a better cigar at that price. In cigar stores its a 14.00 cigar
Bob G in Long Island NY May 14, 2014
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major
"Good with Reservations"
Smokes good, very good flavor, has a nicotene kick towards the middle and end. Wrapper falls apart a little too easily as I like to chew on it for a while before smoking.
Steve in WV May 6, 2014
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Mezzo
""One of My Favorite Go to Smokes""
Love this cigar, and always have some in the Humidor. Enjoyable medium strength cigar that has never let me down in any sense of the word.
Dooley in Kalamazoo, Mi. May 2, 2014
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major
I have to agree with Kevin and Rick P - this is a very poorly constructed cigar. I bought a pack of 5 from the Monster to see what the fuss was about. They spent at least 2 months in my coolador at 67% RH, 19 Deg C. I have now tried 3, smoked at approx. 70% RH, 24 Deg C. Each started out well then suffered severe tunneling and failed to stay alight past the first third. In each case I tossed the stick after the second failed relight. Two out of 3 had the band glued to the wrapper, inexcusable in a $7-8 cigar. Either its high rating shows how superficial the Cigar Aficionado rating process is, or the manufacturer was overwhelmed by demand and farmed the work out to inexperienced rollers. If this product were anything but a cigar, I would be demanding a full refund.
MacBryan in Malaysia March 27, 2014
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Rondo
MacBryan in Malaysia March 27, 2014 March 11, 2014
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