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Aging Room Small Batch Reviews

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Aging Room Small Batch M356 Rondo
"Aging Room Small Batch M356"
Might be the best all around everyday cigar today. A box later still looking for a bad one. We doctors enjoy a good puff too.
Pmatich in Porthuron mich September 21, 2013
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major
"Kept Going Out"
I think I used the whole capacity of fuel in my lighter to keep this cigar going. It looks beautiful and the initial lighting is flavorful. But after having to light it several times the flavor went south and it was not enjoyable. I got a pack of 5 to try and was very disappointed. I don't know who initially rates these cigars, but I think they must be bribed (or drunk) to get such a high rating.
Rick P in Miami September 10, 2013
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Forte
"Fantastic Stick"
Was skeptical at first, but these are great cigars. Nice solid construction with a leather like wrapper define what is now one if my more desireable stogies. Small batch m356 in the boutique shape are the way to go, good job aging room
H Man in Long Island June 13, 2013
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Paco
"Doesn't even need time to mellow"
I fired one of these up as soon as the shipment came, and it was so smooth and delicious right from the UPS box to my mouth. I can't wait to let the rest mellow for a bit in my humi...if I give them the chance too.
Pete in Omaha May 3, 2013
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Rondo
I smoked this one down until I almost burned myself. This is a strong flavorful cigar. It is highly rated and it well deserves to be. Dont hesitate to buy these they are worth every penny.
SD in Long Island April 17, 2013
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major 5 Pack
"Hits all the notes."
This cigar hit all the notes. Great draw and burn. A good earthy smoke with flavors of nut, spice, and slight sweet tones.
Carl B. in KS March 19, 2013
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Paco
"Unique &Wonderful Flavor, Cubanesque"
The Aging Room Small Batch cigars have been my "go to" smokes for the past year. They are truly delightful with the Presto and Rondo the best among the brand (I've tried all of the Small Batch sizes). Although they are touted as "Full", they are more medium in body, probably due to the long aging of the leaves making the cigar as a whole more 'mellow'. The flavor of this cigar is unique, especially for a Dominican cigar, it has the complexity of a Cuban cigar, with it's blend of earthiness/leathery flavors in the backround mixed uniquely with roasted nuttiness. It's hard to explain the flavor and taste other than to tell you that it's fantastic, addictive and has a lot of character. Once you smoke a Presto or Rondo you will find out what your other cigars are missing.
Joe in NJ March 9, 2013
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Mezzo
"Far and away my favorite cigars"
Easily my favorite cigars only smoke them on special occasions. Dont find them cheaper anywhere else. Might be a little greedy but their the only cigar I wont offer to friends. A little too good to share.
Sawyer in Wisconsin January 11, 2013
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major
Very nice, well worth a try. well constructed, interesting flavor that doesn't beat you up. Big stick, so give yourself some time for this one. Required some attention but that was not an issue since its a very flavorful smoke. 90+ easy
MM in CHICAGO December 16, 2012
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major 5 Pack
"You don't want to miss this one"
This is an unbelievable cigar for the money. Rich, creamy, smoke with smooth, full flavor. I'm enjoying my first one with a cup of morning coffee and I can't put it down. Have some time to relax and experience this one. Cheers
Eric E in Rochester November 22, 2012
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