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Aging Room Small Batch Reviews

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Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major
Very nice, well worth a try. well constructed, interesting flavor that doesn't beat you up. Big stick, so give yourself some time for this one. Required some attention but that was not an issue since its a very flavorful smoke. 90+ easy
MM in CHICAGO December 16, 2012
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major 5 Pack
"You don't want to miss this one"
This is an unbelievable cigar for the money. Rich, creamy, smoke with smooth, full flavor. I'm enjoying my first one with a cup of morning coffee and I can't put it down. Have some time to relax and experience this one. Cheers
Eric E in Rochester November 22, 2012
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major
"deserves higher score than 90"
Fantastic construction and draw. Firm but with a wonderful draw, no soft spots, nearly perfectly even burn, no loose filler, held together perfectly. Taste was wonderful, smooth and consistent to the very end. Thick, white smoke. Compared to several other 90+ I've smoked recently, I rate this 93 - 94
dave in colorado October 9, 2012
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Presto
"Glad i found it"
Very smooth Cigar. Got this in a sampler. Great draw,razor sharp burn. Consistent nutty and woody flavor
Chief791 in Hyde Park, NY June 27, 2012
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Presto
"WHY does this have to be a limited release?"
This is an amazing cigar. I was surprised by the amount of body and flavor coming from an all Dominican cigar ... spicy at the start, then it mellowed out with some creaminess ... awesome!
Dave in Seattle, WA May 24, 2012
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Presto
"Great ciagar at low price.."
How often can you get a top 20 2011 CA rated cigar at this price. Well constructed and burns evenly and smooth. My every day cigar !!
John in Houston May 17, 2012
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Major
"Beefy cigar"
Nice easy draw silky smooth wrap very spicey smoke
Heatmizor in Cleveland April 17, 2012
Aging Room Small Batch M356 Mezzo
Its a good Dominican cigar. Its not a complex cigar but its a good cigar to enjoy with friends. its smooth, sweet, woody, and its a mediun in strength.
Tcigar February 20, 2012
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