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Aging Room Small Batch M356 Mezzo Reviews [view details]

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""One of My Favorite Go to Smokes""
Love this cigar, and always have some in the Humidor. Enjoyable medium strength cigar that has never let me down in any sense of the word.
Dooley in Kalamazoo, Mi. May 2, 2014
"Far and away my favorite cigars"
Easily my favorite cigars only smoke them on special occasions. Dont find them cheaper anywhere else. Might be a little greedy but their the only cigar I wont offer to friends. A little too good to share.
Sawyer in Wisconsin January 11, 2013
Its a good Dominican cigar. Its not a complex cigar but its a good cigar to enjoy with friends. its smooth, sweet, woody, and its a mediun in strength.
Tcigar in February 20, 2012
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