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Agio Meharis Brasil (20) Reviews [view details]

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Quick smoke, smells good, looks good, tastes good, great packaging. Impressive. Will def purchase more, thanks Famous!
Kurt in Concord, NC November 24, 2011
"The perfect quick smoke"
Got a pack of these last week. As far as I'm concerned, they're perfect: they're inexpensive and tasty and they provide a 15- to 20-minute smoke. The description of these little guys on the Mehari's website is pretty accurate: nutty and a bit sweet. They start off pretty mild but the flavor builds, getting spicier and smokier with hints of cocoa as the cigar gets going. Never loses that hint of sweetness, though. These are the cigar equivalent of a shot of espresso: flavorful and quick.
Ben in Providence, RI April 29, 2008
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