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Agio Meharis Reviews

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Agio Meharis Brasil
"great taste and enjoyable my favorite"
I'm a first timer been smoking cheap cigar cigarettes for a few years and I can't believe I've been missing such a smooth great tasting cigar. I look forward to what the cigar world has for me next.
dennis b. in tulsa ok May 1, 2010
Agio Meharis Orient
"Amazing Quick Little Smoke"
I came home from work for lunch today and while I was at home UPS came with my first order from Famous Smoke. I had enough time to toss my order in the humi before I had to go back and decided to smoke one of my quicker smoking cigars. I lit up one of the Mehari's Sweet Orient on the way back to work. 10-15 min. smoke was perfect for the ride back, and the taste and aroma was great. Not too strong and not too sweet for a flavored cigar and not too weak either. I think I found my new treat for the ride home.
Christopher in OH September 15, 2008
Agio Meharis Java (20)
Previously, I gave a general review of the 3 other Mehari's (Ecuador, Brasil, & Sweet Orient), but hadn't tried the Java. This is the original Mehari's offering and I held off trying it because I read a description where this cigar was said to be 'slightly pungent'. To me, that didn't sound good. The pungency is due to the Java Besuki wrapper. So impressed was I with the other cigars in the Mehari's line, I decided to try it anyway. Having smoked half a dozen of these I can say that, yes, they are somewhat pungent, but in a most pleasant way. This is probably the strongest Mehari's cigar. Like the other 3 varieties, the Java is very aromatic and flavorful in it's own unique way, but not artificial-tasting at all (unlike many reasonably-priced cigarillos, which taste sickly sweet in a very fake way to me). The Mehari's line appears to achieve it's flavors and aromas through the tobacco itself rather than through the addition of chemicals. As a small cigar smoker for many years now, I can say that the Mehari's brand is now firmly in my top five favorites. For a unique (and big) experience, give the little Java a try. You won't be disappointed.
Mike in South Dakota July 20, 2008
Agio Meharis Mild and Light Ecuador (20)
I love these little buggers. Perfect for a quickie or for someone like me who doesn't like to smoke for hours on end. 10-15 minutes of enjoyment. I've tried all but the Java and it's next. Each is unique but they all grow a little spicier and more complex as they burn down. The Ecuador is subtle and mellow, the Brasil is nutty and more flavorful, and the Orient is slightly sweet with a very amazing aroma and taste. I don't have a fav but choose by my mood. Right now I'm enjoying an Ecuador. Life is good indeed.
Mike in South Dakota July 10, 2008
Agio Meharis Brasil (20)
"The perfect quick smoke"
Got a pack of these last week. As far as I'm concerned, they're perfect: they're inexpensive and tasty and they provide a 15- to 20-minute smoke. The description of these little guys on the Mehari's website is pretty accurate: nutty and a bit sweet. They start off pretty mild but the flavor builds, getting spicier and smokier with hints of cocoa as the cigar gets going. Never loses that hint of sweetness, though. These are the cigar equivalent of a shot of espresso: flavorful and quick.
Ben in Providence, RI April 29, 2008
Agio Meharis Mild and Light Ecuador (20)
"Awesome quick smoke. Elegant and enticing aroma!"
Thanks for this freebie on my last purchase! Will order some on my next one!
J. Contreras in San Jacinto, CA October 21, 2007
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