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Agio Meharis Java (20) Reviews [view details]

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"Nice little smoke"
Mild and consistent flavor throughout. Stays together till the bitter end, down to under an inch, without burning your fingers. Thoroughly enjoyable little smoke. I like em.
Matt in NH June 11, 2013
Previously, I gave a general review of the 3 other Mehari's (Ecuador, Brasil, & Sweet Orient), but hadn't tried the Java. This is the original Mehari's offering and I held off trying it because I read a description where this cigar was said to be 'slightly pungent'. To me, that didn't sound good. The pungency is due to the Java Besuki wrapper. So impressed was I with the other cigars in the Mehari's line, I decided to try it anyway. Having smoked half a dozen of these I can say that, yes, they are somewhat pungent, but in a most pleasant way. This is probably the strongest Mehari's cigar. Like the other 3 varieties, the Java is very aromatic and flavorful in it's own unique way, but not artificial-tasting at all (unlike many reasonably-priced cigarillos, which taste sickly sweet in a very fake way to me). The Mehari's line appears to achieve it's flavors and aromas through the tobacco itself rather than through the addition of chemicals. As a small cigar smoker for many years now, I can say that the Mehari's brand is now firmly in my top five favorites. For a unique (and big) experience, give the little Java a try. You won't be disappointed.
Mike in South Dakota July 20, 2008
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10 Construction (96) 100
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