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Al Capone Reviews

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Al Capone Jamaican Blaze (10)
"Best cigarillos I ve had"
Let s face it -- cigarillos get a bum rap, and for the most part they deserve it. But these Blazes are different. Smooth, sweet, with just the right dipped flavoring.
Pappy Boyington in Miami FL August 9, 2014
Al Capone Sweets Cognac (10)
like your sweets but the price is getting out of hand was $14.64 3 pk went to $17.64 and now $18.67 hope it comes down in price
chuck in tampa fl July 10, 2014
Al Capone Jamaican Blaze (10)
"Love These"
I used to smoke the Sweets all the time until I found these. They're so smooth and tasty. The only thing I smoke now.
Ebonie in MD September 22, 2013
Al Capone Gold Filter (10)
"Great little cigar"
I just wish that gold offered more flavor choices.
LeRoy in Seattle August 11, 2013
Al Capone Sweets Cognac (10)
"Great Tasting Cigar"
Great tasting cigar with a morning cup of coffee or afternoon sweet tea.
Rick Hammond Jr in Knoxville, TN August 4, 2013
Al Capone Sweets Filter (10)
"Mysterious substance in filter"
I purchased a 2 pack of al capones %26 they only had the filtered ones so I just figured i'd tear off filter like i've done dozens of times before. This time when I ripped filter off there was a mysterious black glasslike substance embedded in filter. I've never seen anything like this before. Needless to say I didnt smoke them but put them in plastic bag until I can figure out what it is. Any ideas anyone ?
J. Angermeier in Brick NJ June 19, 2013
Al Capone Slims Rum (10)
"Quite good for the price"
better than any other of the cheap machine made cigars I've had (backwoods, black and mild, swisher sweets). Very enjoyable highly recommended
Stefan in Sarasota, FL April 2, 2013
Al Capone Sweets Cognac (10)
"Satisfying little cigar"
I wont pretend to be a pro at smoking. But this little cigar is very good and satisfying. I have smoked many brands already and must say that this cigar deserves it high score. The taste doesn't get old fast. Try it :)
Henry in L.A, California December 28, 2012
Al Capone Sweets Cognac (10)
"Nice but..."
too loose, product come out of wrapper
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
Al Capone Slims Rum (10)
"Great tasting and smooth"
Easily the best cigar i've smoked for this price. Great tasting and sweet. It leaves a taste on your lips that makes you want to chew it for a while before you smoke it, doubling your enjoyment.
Jake in Missouri September 15, 2012
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