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Al Capone Reviews

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Al Capone Slims Rum (10)
They were great but they fell apart. They tasted really good but there is no quality.
mike in weymouth January 12, 2011
Al Capone Slims Rum (10)
"Loved em"
Very sweet and smooth. I smoked them for about a year and then quit all together again..basically cuz smoking is bad for me and i was inhaling the heck out of them
Mike Paget in USA January 2, 2011
Al Capone Slims Rum (10)
"Terrible....would not buy again"
This cigar, quite honestly, is by far the worst I've tried. It could be that I got some stale, dried out sticks, but they were bad nonetheless. Both my brother-in-law and I tossed them by mid-way.
Rocco in Glen Ellyn, IL December 27, 2010
Al Capone Jamaican Blaze (10)
"My favorite"
These cigarillos are my favorite. I've smoked all of the Al Capone products. The Jamaican Blaze flavor is by far my favorite. For some reason, this is the only one that doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach. I don't cough with these and they smell so aromatic
Gabrielle in Dallas,TX July 19, 2010
Al Capone Sweets Filter (10)
"For a quick smoke it is fine."
For a quick smoke it is fine.
Steve in Keys June 17, 2010
Al Capone Slims Rum (10)
"For a quick smoke it is fine."
For a quick smoke it is fine.
Steve in Keys June 17, 2010
Al Capone Sweets Cognac (10)
"my FAVORITE cigarillo"
Not a heavy smoker but I do know what I like and whats good and bad, and this is a good smoke that I like. Be at a bar or club when I step out for a smoke an Al Capone is what I pull out of my cigarette case. Every one that share one with immediately falls in love with it. A very smooth smoke.
Izzy in OC, SoCal March 1, 2010
Al Capone Sweets Filter (10)
Very sweet and tasty. I'd probably buy these again. Was an interesting 5 min smoke.
Gary in Capitola, California February 3, 2010
Al Capone Slims Rum (10)
"Not bad for what it is"
For what this cigarillo cost it's a better choice then a swisher the flavor is just better and there smooth
Abel in Pomona January 18, 2010
Al Capone Sweets Filter (10)
"Very Good"
I got to say that this cigarillos are way better than i expected, they are a little stronger than black n milds, but they don't leave that nasty taste that the black n milds leave. Will definitely buy again
Tito in NC October 25, 2009
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