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Al Capone Slims Rum (10) Reviews [view details]

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"Al Capone would be ashamed..."
I thought, Al Capone, these will be nice. No. If you like cigarettes soaked in rum and the tobacco falling out into your mouth, then buy these. If you don't, then don't.
Joey C in New York September 6, 2009
"Al Capone Rum Slims"
I can not believe any cigar smoker would not enjoy the rich flavor of this sweet little smoke, it is a great quick smoke, at an excellent price. Everyone I give one to, thinks they are smoking a top shelf cigar.
Mark B. in Beaver Dam , WI April 26, 2009
"Al Capone Slims . . . One of a kind."
A smoke from heaven. These things are incredible.
Charles Stuppy in January 16, 2009
"great cigar, nice aroma"
this is an enjoyable cigar with a nice flavor and aroma. not too strong or intense.
Jocelyn in New Orleans December 9, 2008
Can't get enough of these tasty little cigarillos! Fun and an easy smooth smoke.
Bunny in LI, NY July 1, 2008
"Put your money elsewhere"
I've tried almost every flavored cigar and can speak with "authority". Invest your money on a higher end smoke. These have a rancid taste with quick fading flavor.
Steven in West Palm Beach, Florida March 18, 2008
"I can't get enough of rum dipped."
end of story
Sean in Hollywood, Florida January 21, 2008
"Very good smoke."
When I want that rum fix, these do well. Smoked gently, the flavor stays true. Quick and a good value. Will buy more.
Jack Dickey in Nashville TN September 11, 2006
"no thanks!"
one should be ashamed of oneself for giving this fake flavored tasting thing a rating over 5, let alone calling this a cigar! a "friend" at work gave me one, never again.
robert in tarzana,ca August 16, 2005
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