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like your sweets but the price is getting out of hand was $14.64 3 pk went to $17.64 and now $18.67 hope it comes down in price
chuck in tampa fl July 10, 2014
"Great Tasting Cigar"
Great tasting cigar with a morning cup of coffee or afternoon sweet tea.
Rick Hammond Jr in Knoxville, TN August 4, 2013
"Satisfying little cigar"
I wont pretend to be a pro at smoking. But this little cigar is very good and satisfying. I have smoked many brands already and must say that this cigar deserves it high score. The taste doesn't get old fast. Try it :)
Henry in L.A, California December 28, 2012
"Nice but..."
too loose, product come out of wrapper
Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
"I love these!"
These are the first cigarillo/cigar thingys I've ever had, bought ten to see how they are ...... I'm about to go and get HUNDREDS more! :D
Nathan in Currently Switzerland September 12, 2012
I picked these up at my local smoke shop for $6.00 for a pack of 10. For the price I was very skeptical at first but decided to give it a shot, and I am glad that I did they are very smooth and very sweet tasting, the package is really cheaply made but that's not what you but these for. I would defiantly buy again.
Aaron in Kentucky August 9, 2011
"my FAVORITE cigarillo"
Not a heavy smoker but I do know what I like and whats good and bad, and this is a good smoke that I like. Be at a bar or club when I step out for a smoke an Al Capone is what I pull out of my cigarette case. Every one that share one with immediately falls in love with it. A very smooth smoke.
Izzy in OC, SoCal March 1, 2010
"Quick Smoke, Ok construction, Good flavor"
Great quick smoke, Good flavor, easy draw. I have smoke two so far and one started to fall apart half way thru the smoke. I will update when I contrinue with the rest of the pack. See how the rest are.
sstrynar in North Berwick, Maine August 30, 2009
"Not bad"
I can pick these up locally for like 6.50. Which for these is not bad. They burn a little fast, wrapper is sweet and taste very good. Its like putting your lips on candy. Taste a little heavy for me but im a mild smoker. For a quick sweet treat, not bad but just a little groggy for me. For the price i would buy again
Mike in Va August 12, 2009
"delicious and affordable cigarillos"
best cigarillos ive ever smoked. They are cheap but they dont taste nasty like phillies or swisher sweets. They have great flavor and draw. Perfect for when you want to smoke a cigar but dont have alot of time.
z money in August 9, 2009
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