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"Mysterious substance in filter"
I purchased a 2 pack of al capones %26 they only had the filtered ones so I just figured i'd tear off filter like i've done dozens of times before. This time when I ripped filter off there was a mysterious black glasslike substance embedded in filter. I've never seen anything like this before. Needless to say I didnt smoke them but put them in plastic bag until I can figure out what it is. Any ideas anyone ?
J. Angermeier in Brick NJ June 19, 2013
"The only smokes I enjoy."
I've tried various kinds of cigarettes and cigars before, looking for something I enjoy, to smoke in social settings. However, I've pretty much hated everything I tried. Then, I saw these cigarillos at my local corner store, they sell little 2-packs, and I decided to give them a go. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover their amazing taste, interesting appearance, and pleasant aroma. They're so cheap to buy for me, just pick up a 2-pack for 2 dollars when I'm going out, but I like them so much I'll probably start buying larger packs. As good as these cigarillos taste and look, I had to rate the construction rather low. The filter shrivels up quickly if you hold it in your mouth, and flakes of tobacco fall from the tip if you shake the box around. This causes a bit of a mess if you turn the box upside down to slide one out. However, if you handle them carefully, they're some of the best cigarillos you could find. I highly recommend you try them if you haven't already.
Will in New Jersey August 7, 2012
"Taste & smell bad"
At 1st they tasted good. That cognac flav was nice, then after a few minutes the flav goes away & now you taste the awful flav of the tobacco they use. Leaves a awful smell behide. Its a cheap drug store/gas station cigar.
Mike in Denver, CO May 28, 2012
"Quality Control"
i have been using your product four about four or five years (Al Capone tSweets)I love your product. but over the last couple of months i have been experiencing a problem with the filters.The filters to often are in two pieces and while smoking the tip of the filter will get lodged in my throat.this is always unexpected and very uncomfortable.This problem never happen in the past now its much more frequently. After this happen the cigar is unsmokeable.If the filter was one piece like in the past this problem would go away easily. I love your product and I hope you can help me and all your costemers with this problem. Thank You in advance.
Dwayne Stubbs in Haledon N.J. April 9, 2011
"For a quick smoke it is fine."
For a quick smoke it is fine.
Steve in Keys June 17, 2010
Very sweet and tasty. I'd probably buy these again. Was an interesting 5 min smoke.
Gary in Capitola, California February 3, 2010
"Very Good"
I got to say that this cigarillos are way better than i expected, they are a little stronger than black n milds, but they don't leave that nasty taste that the black n milds leave. Will definitely buy again
Tito in NC October 25, 2009
"teacher and friends"
they are really good. they are great tasting me and my friemds smoke these in the the teachers lounge with our history teacher. he loves them
trevor in houston June 15, 2009
"Best cigarillo known to man."
These are definitely the best mini cigars. If you don't wanna be smoking cigs every 10 seconds, just get some of these and one will hold you over for a long time. Also taste better and a nice smoke than both black and milds and swisher sweets. Al capones are the best.
Vandilize in Massachusetts November 4, 2005
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