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Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"The Best"
Mild to medium in body but huge when it comes to complexity. This soothing cigar coats the palate with rich tobacco goodness and a generous side of noble nuances, including sweet undertones, nuts, coffee, and wood. Complex yet tame, that's the American Classic Blend.
in June 22, 2013
"A stunner at this price"
Absolute pleasure to smoke. Mild-medium smoke that builds as you smoke it giving you a refreshing creamy experience with hints of cocoa, coffee, cedar and earth throughout. Some might find occasional sweet and fruity puffs. Definitely seems like a cigar worth twice it's value. Plus... construction is fantastic, burn was dead on and required no attention. If the flavor doesn't do it for you you will find pleasure in the fact that it is so well constructed.
Will V in PA September 5, 2011
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