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Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Sun Grown in a Manure Field"
Awful cigar! The wrapper was torn directly out of the package. Also about a third of the way through the cigar it started falling apart.
John in MA October 30, 2013
"Great Smoke"
I lucked into this one it has become one of my favorites
in August 28, 2013
"Great Smoke and Slow Burn, Tasty"
Great smoke with a nice slow burn, smooth taste. You will need to take your time when you smoke this one. Good when you're out on a nice summer night with a glass of wine or scotch. If this what Alec Bradley Cigars are like I'm hooked.
in July 14, 2013
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5-Pack Frenzy...just got a lot crazier!
Amilcar Perez Castro