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Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Reviews

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AB American Sun Grown Corona
"One of the best Nic. puros on the market"
I love a Nicaraguan puro and fortunately Alec Bradley has several great offerings. The American Sun Grown Corona does not disappoint! Medium in body, spicy and woody. Easy draw and perfect construction. Priced well considering the quality.
Chanel in Baltimore February 23, 2015
Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Gordo
"Decent, Tough Draw"
It was a very pretty cigar, thick in girth at 60 RG. The sungrown wrap was smooth in flavor but I was constantly distracted by the firm draw and uneven burn. It never needed a relight or touch-up, but it was always close! Sat in the humi at 65/67 for weeks, so unsure of its issue. Dry these out some before smoking!
Jim in Maryland December 16, 2014
Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Robusto
"Flavorful and Aromatic...Got Me Going"
This is a fantastic cigar...wonderful complex aromas, apple, cedar, leather. One of the most enjoyable cigars I have ever had. Well balanced medium strength with some amazing flavors. I kept wanting to save it for later for a more important occasion than just sitting around...brilliant stuff. Was thinking about it three days later. Thanks AB.
Ro in Rochester, NY September 6, 2014
Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Torpedo
"Excellent Cigar"
Tried one today. Very good flavor that stayed very consistent. Full body but very smooth. Earthy taste; excellent draw and burn. I have a new favorite. It is a steal at this price.
George in Glen Ellyn, IL August 23, 2014
Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Toro
"Awesome Stick at a Great Value!"
These are one of my favorite AB sticks and they are also just a fantastic value! Wonderful smoke.
Wes in Iowa August 22, 2014
AB American Sun Grown Corona
"like trying to smoke a wooden dowel"
rreceived 2 in a sampler; one i could barely get lit and had to toss it because i could only get a wisp of smoke from it. the other wasn t much better. i m a fan of sun grown but i ll never guy this brand again.
Wes in Iowa August 22, 2014 June 3, 2014
Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Robusto
"amazing smoke"
best smoke i have smoked in my very short legal toking career, i got a free 5-pack deal and these came with it. i like these more then the box i got! but needless to say the other stuff is good too. id smoke these daily if i wasn't a broke college student.
zach in fair oaks November 14, 2013
Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Toro
"Let them Rest"
I bought a 5 pack for one of the two stogies that my cigar club smoked. We all thought that they had a bite to them and could use a few months in the humidor. I only had them in mine for 2 weeks and it was not nearly enough; my mistake. Draw was great, construction and burn were good and they look really nice for a 3-5 dollar stick. I have an extra sitting in the humidor and will try it next year, hopefully it will taste better.
Kurt in Combined Locks November 6, 2013
Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Churchill
"Sun Grown in a Manure Field"
Awful cigar! The wrapper was torn directly out of the package. Also about a third of the way through the cigar it started falling apart.
John in MA October 30, 2013
AB American Sun Grown Corona
"Can't Go Wrong With This Cigar"
Another great selection from AB. You can't go wrong with this cigar. Needed a little touch up on the burn but tasted great from start to finish.
Heath in Richmond, VA September 25, 2013
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